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  1. Spray on some cheap vanilla scent cologne; then you got yourself a $300 Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfume
  2. Thank you for this generous initiative Here is a Bolivar B2 RE Canada 2010; I smoked it last night.
  3. More likely, Obama's taking initiative to prevent possible "Cuban Missile Crises" like what happened in October 1962. Putin is under so much economical and political pressure, and who knows what a wounded Siberian wolf is capable of!
  4. The most fascinating aspect of a Cuban cigar is that over time the taste evolves and changes. Like wine, the chemical changes in the aging process of cigars are not fully understood. The one thing that is for certain is that like wine, the aging period is measured in decades. One of the most commonly made misperceptions is that “aging cigars” means laying your cigars down in your box for a couple of years and they will become better tasting. However, in reality the aging process is quite complicated and can be sectioned out in four different stages: stick period, first maturation, second m
  5. I miss the old days when the life was much easier and fun was more accessible
  6. I personally do not think it get worse at least until the end of winter. Indeed the political frustration with Russia plays a huge role and maybe this plan will benefit Saudis to kick the competitors with expensive oil out but this is the side benefit of the bigger plan which US has pursuing. Saudis do not do anything without US' approval; they are smarter than what we think and they have learned their lesson late 1970s from Iran's disobedience. Mind you low oil price is not benefiting anyone here.
  7. Give some of the Hawaiian smokes a try
  8. There should be a good reason - at least in Habano S.A. mind - behind this change of plan. We just wait until the next reviews come out. I don't think they will jeopardize their flagship brand that easy!
  9. Thank you all for your thorough comments. I don't personally care much for cigars that aged beyond 7 to 10 years. Maybe I enjoy a bit of wildness that is usually missing in older cigars.

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