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  1. Looking good! Glad the plan worked out. It's too often we hear of consideration for such events falling short and ending in disappointment/waste. Cheers.
  2. Appreciate the reply, Hoepssa. I finally made my way over to the Hyatt LCDH in Taipei a few weeks ago. Contrary to the description of the old shop, the LCDH I visited was clean and the employees were very accommodating. I was in and out very quickly, as I just wanted to pick up a quick stick for a grab-n-go. Even so, I spent quite a while looking around, and they didn't mind. Left with a HU half corona, quite a pleasant one (first time), the cost was about 15USD. However, there were two employees: one seemed a little less well-versed than the other, more senior worker on duty. T
  3. This I was unaware of. Apologies, then. Sounds like a complicated issue with which I have no familiarity, but I certainly agree with the position to avoid such accommodations! WRT Foul's post: I can, however, attest to Costa Rica being a great place to visit! In fact, I could see myself settling in there. Truly a wonderful place. (Though I still kept a care package of Cuban sticks with me -- didn't have much luck on the puros hunting front out there.)
  4. Watching these headlines lately with an interest in perspective as things move forward into the next decade or so. I'm not in a position to travel to Cuba within the next 3 years, though I will comment, with respect to some of the opinions above, that I find the notion of traveling to Cuba to stay in 4 or 5 star hotels far from suited to my taste. Then again, I've never really been the type for that kind of stuff. More like cracking coconuts and avoiding roaches while peering at the liquor cabinet and puffing on something delicious! Maybe this past year in East Asia has been rubbing off..
  5. Hello FOHers! Speaking of watches, I've recently crawled into fishing territory in the vintage market. Any friendly members here established on any respectable forums? I'm currently reading around SCWF, hoping that the community there will be worth sticking around for. Lastly, I should mention, if anybody is willing to part with a TZ <85% 52x caliber stream Seiko, please get in touch.
  6. Reviving an old one here... I will be in Taiwan for two to three years for graduate study beginning in the Fall. In fact, I will be in Hsinchu, but the entire island is so small, what's it matter? If anyone could give a more current account of the cigar scene (and especially LCDH) in Taiwan, I'd be much obliged. Looking forward to lots of study, great cigars, and a rejuvenated tea obsession.
  7. Wabashcr, it can be hard to find quality loose leaf that's low in caffeine. Even white tea is not necessarily low in caffeine content. After all, tea all comes from the same plant! You might do well with some lovely herbal blends, though, and if you can tolerate a bit of caffeine but not a whole lot – a blend with just a bit of tea plus other herbs might be a perfect compliment to your lifestyle. Check out the bottom of this page. There are a lot of very tasty-looking herbal and non-tea blends. You are not necessarily limited in fun and flavor in a choice t
  8. Save any association of war-time or oratorical prowess for the more conventional essays of your history books! I'm talking about pairing cigars to fine beverages... I'm talking about stimulating the organoleptic faculties in ways not previously explored. Yeah, I'm talking about that translucent, sunset-colored liquor as the stage upon which your cigar smoke performs – champions – a timeless ballet of taste. Applause. Repeat. I'm not talking about rum or (Scotch) whisk(e)ys, folks. I'm talking about Sir Winston Churchill and his love for tea, baby. It's a common interest that he and I sha
  9. Cool, man. Congrats. Nice to have a group of guys at school to smoke with. No such herf potential at my little, rural college in Vermont.
  10. Cheers. Looking forward to another video. It's -5ºC in Vermont at the moment – I could use a cigar fantasy.
  11. What was the original price paid for it? Any idea how many of them were crafted?
  12. Seems like he was just interested to see what the fellow was doing in the water so close to him. How fast can they swim at most? For some reason, I picture them swimming much faster than that. edit: (from Wikipedia) "Despite their relative lethargy, saltwater crocodiles are agile predators and display surprising quickness and speed when necessary, usually during strikes at prey. They are capable of explosive bursts of speed when launching an attack from the water. They can also swim at 15 to 18 mph (24 to 29 km/h) in short bursts, around three times as fast as the fastest human swimmers, but
  13. In tasting cigars, I've found leather to be one of the flavors that has popped up most frequently throughout my smoking experience. Such a taste might differ for everyone. I can agree with the above, and have also had it taste like various other leathers. Of course, this speaks to a larger phenomenon: that of tastes and of where they lie within the web of associations by which we recall when the sensory act of tasting triggers a memory, or numerous memories, in our brains. For that reason, everyone's capacity to taste and experience cigars (or anything, for that matter) is highly unique

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