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  1. Thanks NSX & Bijan- But the meta-analysis is exactly what I'm trying to avoid. I want to read the data - not extrapolated data and what it meant to somebody else... or more likely, what somebody else wants me to think. And yes - I know some of those studies were politically slanted. I am just looking for the source - not the interpretation. Anybody have the actual studies?
  2. Anybody happen to have any of these case studies anywhere? I can't find them on the interwebs. Table 1. Relative Risk Estimates For All-Cause Mortality Among Men Who Smoke Cigars Publication, Year Relative Risk (95% Confidence Interval, CI) Best, 1966 1.06 (0.92 – 1.22) Kahn, 1966 1.10 (1.05 – 1.16) Cole, 1974 1.15 (0.70 – 1.90) Carstensen, 1987 1.39 (1.16 – 1.65) Lange,
  3. So subjective. But if the person is interested in nature and relief from people, the answer is Montana in the late spring early summer - before wildfire season. There are two national parks to visit, and endless outdoor activities off the beaten path. There are several historic sites that shaped the “west”... and a stop in historic Butte is a must with a mine tour and bouncing to a few old bars in uptown the smart play. If the person is more interested in the hustle of the city, you can’t beat New York. Chicago second. Unlimited options for city life. If the
  4. Details Please.... 😉 Sry if double post.... User error no doubt.
  5. I've seen this a few times... Never bothered me I guess. Farming should produce variety, not uniformity. If you get uniformity, it can only mean something unnatural.🤙
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong - but I was taught that the blue-ringed octopus carries the world's deadliest poison. Maybe not deadliest, as I'm sure there are not that may human encounters... but most toxic/potent maybe? I get that some animals kill more people per year with less toxic venom, like the black mamba I think is the deadliest animal to humans, but its venom is not as potent as the Brown Snake...
  7. Nothing says bromance like some freshly picked weeds from your garden...
  8. I’m more interested in this secret sorcery for insuring 50 more years with the ability to enjoy a cigar at the end.... 😄👍
  9. From your lips to the good Lord's ears!! But the Gumps are the greatest football team in the history of ever - or so the ESPN talking heads seem to think... My aim is for around 60% in my temperature range... but just have not added water in the last year. I get a bit more proactive if my humidity goes above 65%... but have never worried about a bottom number. I have a New Air Winador set up. 36 bottle type. I don't plug it in, as it is in my basement which hovers around 64-66° F year round. I typically don't mess with the humidity until it's too cold out to have a cigar...
  10. So my humidor is at 64-66° F and 55% RH. I'm in no panic over this, and not adding water to the environment at this time. Cigars are mostly fine at the temp/rh but I do get some cracked wrappers if I'm not delicate. Any who, got me to thinking.... how dry is too dry in a humidor for the long and short term?
  11. We just moved to a new house in a new city. Our old home was high and dry, and we did not have mosquitoes... SO, for all you experts, how do you deal with these bloodsucking bastards? Surely I am not cursed to deeting up everytime I wanna sit outside and smoke a big ol cuban... right? RIght?
  12. Wait - I am confused. I was under the impression the Skins had been "Tanking" since the beginning of the season....????

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