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  1. Could you please PM me. I’m just looking for some info/advice on here. Thanks!
  2. A friend is going to Havana and has room to bring some cigars back with him. He doesn’t know cigars so I’m not going to ask him to choose for me. My question is: what’s the safest bet on a quality production cigar out of Cuba today? I’ve never been disappointed with anything Bolivar, but have had some terrible boxes of other brands come back from Havana with friends. Thanks for the help!
  3. Headed to Cuba this fall with the family. I have no idea about which resorts are good, since all of them have positive things to say about themselves. So, I figure everyone else has done the trial and error and hopefully you can share your tips and favorite spots with me. Much appreciated
  4. Deschutes Fresh Squeezed. Hands down the best IPA if not beer in general, on the market.

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