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  1. I would love to but this box puts my humidor to a, bursting at the seams level, I will let you know when I smoke my through some. Golf season so shouldn't take long.
  2. I saw a post saying how amazing the clearance and seconds cigars are that come from FOH are. I of course would always choose PSP if I could afford it but now I may change my mind when funds are a touch low. I got a mail day yesterday and this is what I saw... All I can say is WOW!!! I have been waiting for Dip 2s to come up and these were under seconds?! Thank you as always FOH and cheers. Can't wait to smoke one. Unlikely I am going to make 30 days down.
  3. Had my Tudor Pelagos stolen. Waiting for my insurance to get me a new one. Once I get it I will post a fitting celebration cigar and watch pic.
  4. Yes. I really need to looking into doing some splits with FOH Canadian brothers/sisters. I seem to end up with the same marcas time and again. Completely fine with that but would love to do some trying of different types.
  5. I agree. I was really wondering how many different marcas people are averaging. Since there is such a variety of flavours out there, seeing if people stay with three or four or way above that number? I am loyal to Cuban cigars. Have all of the marcas. The marcas are not individually owned brands, so marca lotalty is not something that matters.
  6. Every time I look through my humidor and think about what I would like to add to my collection of tasty treats, I think of so many brands I want to add. But, when it comes time to hit up 24:24 or 24:72 I always end up buying the same product. Now there is nothing wrong with being loyal if you have a specific palate and you know what hits that mark but I feel like I am only tasting a small sample from a very large buffet. What is your take on this and how many different brands do you stick in the old humidor? I come in at 4 consistently; Bolivar, HDM, Cuaba, Monte and am always searching fo
  7. It's restaurant lingo. Anytime anything runs out it is, 86d. Don't know where it originated but that is where it is most commonly heard.
  8. I am surprised at the lack of love for the Dip 2. I absolutely adore them. If they are on I don't think they can miss and they are seemingly on right now.
  9. Well if I may weigh in... After 13 years behind a bar I can honestly say that you have given this person way to much credit. People like that guy are just A holes. Might have been a bad day but might just be a POS. People just look for it nowadays just because it gives them a chance to have a say in something. You obviously made the right choice in not reacting and ending up getting into a situation that would have been worse for you in the long run. Well done sir, even though it would have been nice to blow a long cloud of delicious smoke in his face after you kicked his ass. Takes the
  10. Good call. I forgot about the rum bar. Great place to have a cigar on the patio if it's a decent day or night.
  11. Went there in 11 while a friend and myself were attending the CA Big Smoke. Not a bad place to sit with a cocktail and a cigar. They charge a fair penny for Fuente but at least for a non CC they are decent. I agree though, time spent at a poker table or I believe there are a few steak houses that allow cigars is more to my taste.
  12. for one of those for sure. Great addition to the patio.
  13. I live in Victoria BC. Not to far from Whistler. I can attest to the crazy laws around smoking in BC. The best suggestion would be to get a good travel case and bring your cigar favorites from FOH with you. The prices are insane in BC let alone Whistler. As to where to smoke. In a store or in front is out of the question. Laws and regulations basically prohibit it completely. I would say pack up a lovely flask of spirits and bring one or two cigars with you on the mountain or find a great spot in one of the park areas. Dress warm and have a proper winter cigar in Canada. A true test of h
  14. Couldn't agree more with the above statement. I have worked on a few hot rods with my dad and his friends and am in the search for my dream restomod. 65 FB Mustang. More to the point. Reliability is an absolute key! Build a project that you can get in turn the key and enjoy. Leave the aesthetics until the very end. Keep your budget for the good stuff, under the hood stuff! A truck like that, to me, looks great as a sleeper. Keep the paint and colour scheme on it but blow everyone's doors off with performance.

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