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  1. For me Greece, Spain or Russia Having spent time in Russia is an awesome experience Greece or Spain win overall because of the weather
  2. Still have boxes of Connie 1s from 2011 Can't go past those They're heavenly Smoothed out and so refined. Glad I went deep than I ever had for cigars. The pricepoint, quality and consistency were fantastic
  3. Smoke them and you dont have to worry about them
  4. Because he's a fantastic player when he's on I like tennis shot making.. That's all I don't want to watch a boring player when I can watch an exciting player I don't think he represents me or my country. He represents himself I don't look at him as a role model.. Anybody who does look at athletes as role models is a bit cookoo in my opinion He is what he is. And you get, what you get! It's not like you have to watch him. It's not like you have to pay your money to see him. It's just sport and everything else that comes along with
  5. As far as sports guys are concerned I like kyrgios.. Dunno why people get so caught up in a sports person or singer actor anyway.. he amuses me so that's ok .. plus he's far and away the best tennis player this country has had in a decade..
  6. But is it building fences and say keeping non eu out?
  7. I thought I should revisit this thread. Can I say they were fantastic with a year and a half and after three years awesome? These were never mild.
  8. Hopefully the UK is a democracy and shows that it's a democracy. To pretend a referendum didn't happen for a certain result will unleash major mayhem on itself Much bigger than any temporary markets can. It's up to the UK to negotiate with the EU where it goes from here,! Is the EU building fences?
  9. I've never frozen anything in twenty years and never had beetles. There have been times in the past it's been hot and I've had nowhere to keep them cool
  10. My opinion is sport is full of cheats. Some will get caught most won't..
  11. Five years old. Went in deep Still finding them magnificent
  12. All smokes are there to be smoked sometime. That's why they were born. So smoke them and don't lose them. I have a couple from 1985 I'm holding for an occasion. Basically everything is going to be smoked they're not am heirloom

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