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  1. I keep my apartment around 70-74 degrees. My hygrometers usually read around 68-70. Thanks, I'll try this. Just didn't want to buy all new humidors if I didn't have to as they are large humidors.
  2. I have 3 humidors (2 Havana foot lockers and 1 desk top humidor) each about half full with Cuban cigars. I'm in NJ and of course part of my problem is the dry weather, but my humidors won't keep Rh for the life of me. They are running 56-59. I have Heartfelt beads in each of them, and a few small Boveda bags. I believe I have enough Heartfelt beads in each based on measurements. I conditioned each humidor when I got them. I think I have a bad seal on each. I tried the dollar bill test and each of the Havana foot lockers were a little loose. Was thinking about putting 1/8th inch weather sealing on each, but afraid the humidors won't close then. Any thoughts? Checked my digital hygrometers also. Thanks, -Vinny
  3. Thanks for the help! Much appreciated
  4. Thanks for the help! The two footlockers are around 60% Rh. I'm gonna work the cigars back to optimal levels in a smaller humidor so I can control the humidity better. I was looking more for a good setup for the footlockers, as they are bigger than any of my previous humidors. I have large humidifier bars that load on it, but was wondering if those will be enough, or should i think of beads vs active with fans.
  5. Buddy of mine is moving and gave me two footlockers of cuban cigars. They have not been taken care of over the past few months (which is blasphemy). They look and feel a little dry. I've read multiple places about trying to revive cigars, so not looking for help there unless anyone has amazing information that has worked for them. I've taken my large humidor and placed a large amount of the cigars in with an Oasis humidifier, taking it up 0.1% every few days. I was wondering any good idea on set up for the 2 large footlockers (in case anyone is wondering, they are "the Havana Foot Locker Cigar Humidor")? First time with humidors of this size, so not sure on passive vs active. Any information is appreciated. -Vinny

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