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  1. Going with a NC Illusione Epernay Le Monde. Truly blown away that this was NC, and i swear it was a hybrid flavor wise of an Upmann Connie A and a Trinidad Coloniales. Flawless construction producing tons of smoke. Highly recommend.
  2. HATE a thief!!! I'm sorry you're having to deal with scum like this clown.
  3. Your list is pretty killer, but I'm going to suggest maybe a Monte Especial #2 if you have one in inventory. The flavor profile should be right up his alley, and construction quality is consistently good in my experience. Good luck & let us know what you decide to offer (and his reaction, too).
  4. Monte #1 and #3, Upmann #2, RASS, Boli RC and BF, and Partagas Short
  5. Throw in a pool table, charcoal grill with some two-thumb thick ribeyes, and a keg of Coors Banquet and a bottle of single malt/single barrel and you have the PERFECT weekend! I'll be watching football, doing some house stuff, and hopefully enjoying a few cigars. Supposed to heat up again (humidity coming back) so who knows...
  6. Me, too! This is very cool! As a side note, I'm not a "maduro" guy but would be willing to try all the versions here.
  7. Unfortunately my experience differs from the previous posters regarding Sig III construction. I keep my 'dor at sub 65% humidity but the last 2 from a 2020 box have both needed the PerfecDraw & had burn issues. Hopefully the remaining 22 out of that box will be better.
  8. Bless you... Do you drink? If not, may not be a bad idea for sanity sake...
  9. I'm drooling... Those are some gorgeous pics!!!
  10. I've got a combo of all these neighbors. The ones to my left & right are great; actually kind of funny with the left as he's a sheriff deputy with 3 girls under the age on 8. They have a trampoline & love to sign to the latest Disney songs. My "problem" neighbors are behind me. My house is on a slope that is higher than their lots, so I look down on their back yards. The dude behind me is a 70+ yr old "piddler" who love the blower, mower, and anything else that produces a tremendous amount of noise pollution. He'd be ok if he were nice (hope I'm still kicking around light that if
  11. Very interesting, and thanks for sharing your experiences here. I'm very much a neophyte to absinthe. If I were looking to explore a few, where would you recommend I start? Also, can you recommend a good absinthe/cigar pairing? Thanks!
  12. RASCC from OER OCT 20 Excellent 55 minute smoke, with perfect draw & burn. Medium bodied, flavors detected on the retrohale include leather & earth, with a raisin-esque overtone that kicked in after the 1st five minutes. Definitely recommend...
  13. In my area pork BBQ is part of any sporting tailgate or watch party. I always try to volunteer a Sausage & Cheese plate since it's easy and there is never anything to bring home except for the plate.
  14. While there is great Q in lots of cities, my biased opinion leans toward Memphis, TN if you're going to award a gold medal for best BBQ city. 🤩 I mean, the World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest is held there every year, and there isn't a true pitmaster on the planet who doesn't consider it a mecca/bucket list destination in their cooking journey. I will concede that Memphis' mystique is most relevant for pork (and spagetti), and that TX is hard to beat if you're looking for beef ribs or brisket. Flame away, LOL!! Cigars go great with any smoker regardless of location, too.
  15. Upmann Connie #1 from GEM MAR 20. Simply outstanding. Got to give props to Leaf by Oscar Lanceros, Corojo wrapper. Been my "grilling cigar" since June, and I've been impressed with the consistently perfect burn & draw, and smooth flavors of almonds, caramel, earth, and coffee with heavy cream.

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