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  1. I voted 2-3 as well. Been a while since I've done a mass blind tasting & look forward to seeing this come to fruition. One reason I love FoH and this community!
  2. Wow, major props here! Tremendous generosity, and I agree BOTLs are a special and unique breed of folks.
  3. About a month ago I had a PL Picadores from 2016 (I think) and a 2019 Siglo II within a week of each other. The Siglo was outstanding, and exhibited all the refined flavors that are frequently described here. Days later, light up the Picadores and I could swear I was smoking that Siglo II again for at least the 1st half of the PL. Definitely wasn't expecting that but would call it a "happy accident" to borrow the Bob Ross phrase...
  4. Great read, thanks! Need to come up with a practical joke to play on the staff now...
  5. I just went thru this trial with my 17 yr. old son! He's a newly licensed driver and we gave him my 1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ that's a 5-speed V6. Pretty sure I'll be replacing the clutch by September, but he's getting better daily. Funny thing, he told me literally ZERO of his friends know how to drive a stick shift, and have ZERO interest in learning either...
  6. PL Galanes (RAT NOV 20) Flawless construction with an excellent draw, but not ready for prime time yet. Pretty one dimensional, medium bodied, basic tobacco and coffee overtones. Zero caramel or burnt sugar flavors to speak of. Did feel the nicotine at the midway point, which is pretty rare for me. Won't touch this box again for 6 months minimum but definitely see potential here.
  7. Hate to say it but this is kind of where I am right now, too. Seems like I have a 1 in 3 on base % for my most recent CCs living up to expectation from flavor, construction, and burn perspectives. However, I had a tremendous Mag 46 this past Friday that offsets the frustrations of having to weed thru the negative smokes. It is what it is...
  8. This was my exact RASS experience a little over a week ago. Downright depressing...
  9. You nailed it for me. Fantastic cigar when its "on" = YES. Worth tying up money/inventory to stock & age = no, for MY budget. Maybe I hit the lottery then I go deep in CoRo but here and now, unfortunately no...
  10. You have great taste in booze, blades, and smokes! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Me, too. Beginning to think I'm just a Havanas slut, LOL! So far I'm 10/10 on "get" it.
  12. Dude this is YOUR world we just live in it!!! Seriously congrats on some great catches. What cigar did you light up to celebrate the moment??? Cuban Davidoff Dom Perignon from 1991 would be appropriate !
  13. I "get" all of them, but agree that: 1) CoRo aren't a good value proposition for my budget; 2) Monte 2s can vary wildly even within the same box; These polls are fun!

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