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  1. @Ethernut I don't really have a go-to if only because I'm a strange person and I seldom drink. It all depends on your budget. Four Roses Single Barrel Private Selections especially well picked OBSV and OBSK are fantastic and excellent bourbons. Sadly my normal go-tos now are pricy like the Buffalo Trace Antique collection or old Wild Turkey bottlings. Being a sucker for limited releases and variety has made my wallet much lighter! I do enjoy my single barrel Willetts and I have a soft spot for awesome old rye (both of which are far too expensive) and I love some good aged scotch, but I think w
  2. Well it depends how long you've been tracking Willett. Their older Rye offerings (and indeed their current extremely limited but very expensive 25 year Rye) was almost all exclusively from Berheim (then owned by Schenley) before their acquisition in 1987 by United Distillers (now Diageo) that was left to age and incidentally acquired by Heaven Hill then consolidated. A fun thing about the MGPI stuff is that Willett actually discloses the location of distillation on their bottles. So their 4-8 year (there's a few 9 and 10 year bottles floating about too now) Rye actually says distille
  3. I've always had an inkling that ELs aged a touch better than the regular claro wrappers. That's not to say that they were inherently superior (the few HdM and RyJ ELs that never impressed me, though the Cohiba and Upmann ones were tasty), but I always felt that they needed a few more years but bloomed wonderfully. What sucks though is that Cohiba ELs though tasty taste nothing really like regular Cohibas. Excepting the most recent ones as I have not tried those yet.
  4. Glenfarclas 17, 105, 21, and 25 are all fairly easy and "cheap-ish" to get. Glenlivet Nadurra and Aberlour 16 or A'bunadh are absolutely excellent bottles at sub $100 pricetags. For the peat lovers, Ardbeg Ugiedail or Corryveckan has still yet to disappoint me. For those who like a bit of oddity, I think you can still get a fair amount of Springbank 12 year cask strength or even regular Springbank 12 fairly easily. The thing is, because I'm not a regular drinker, I basically rarely get these bottles. It's much more fun to go for crazy esoteric stuff!
  5. Only recently has Willett released their own distillate (in the form of a new "Old Bardstown Barreled in Bond (which may well be Heaven Hill)), but yes most of their stocks if not all of it was distilled by others. Notably, most of their current stock is either Beam, Brown Forman or unsurprisingly, Heaven Hill (which is literally just across the way). As far as Johnny Drumm, Vintage XO, Pure Kentucky XO, Old Bardstown 101 go, they're all variations of Heaven Hill juice. Likewise Noah's Mill and Rowan's Creek also fall within that same category of being most likely heaven hill at different year
  6. Probably the last Montecristo Sublime 2008 or that 2011 Trinidad Fundadores I had a while back. The most stonefruity cigar were those SLR Regios when I first got them and currently Punch DCs.
  7. Easily all the large format cigars. The El Morros and Don Alejandros are fantastic and with a bit of time the RA Gigantes are brilliant. Now if only I could get them at discount prices..
  8. I only wish there was a regular montecristo Churchill.
  9. Lusitanias I've found much more enjoyable than the Punch although none of them are particularly bad. The VR DA is very interesting and surprisingly pleasant although not talked about often and my recent RA Gigantes have been absolutely ace. I need to try the hoyo and SLR.
  10. Weirdly enough from what I've had I prefer the Corona Especiales. They're a tad smaller and tend to not be as plugged. The CoLa is absolutely amazing when right, but then again it really needs time. Had a 3 year old one and it was...well not that great.
  11. Just pick up a $100 Maxijet nowadays. $200 can get you a Defi which is frankly an amazing lighter. It is a tad expensive, but it feels damn nice to use.

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