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  1. SenorPerfecto

    can someone explain brexit?

    There are probably 3-4 states where that number was eclipsed here. People don't vote, and we ALL get the government they deserve.
  2. SenorPerfecto

    can someone explain brexit? ? That was literally the first result for "russia brexit". You don't look at where "most" votes came from. You look at how much it passed by, and whether there were voters who were in the swing group who were influenced At this point it probably doesn't pay to doubt Putin's willingness to sow discord. It happened in the UK and US in 2016. It is happening still.
  3. SenorPerfecto

    can someone explain brexit?

    This is largely true of course. But there was also tremendous Russian influence, and that can't be discounted. Russia is in the business of destabilizing democracies in order to consolidate power, and this result is the most major destabilization of the European region in a long time. I think people make mistakes, and ought to be allowed to correct them. To posit that if the vote were held every 2 days it would swing back and forth over and over, is a real insult to the intelligence (?) of the voters. Most people who get married, then divorced, do not turn around and remarry their ex again. People can indeed learn what's best for them, and it sure seems like the UK has done so here... and want to stay in the EU.
  4. SenorPerfecto

    can someone explain brexit?

    I don’t think “we voted for this 3 years ago” counts as “we are all in this suicide pact now, forever and ever.” If the people want to change their mind, they ought to be able to. This wasn’t like an election, where people understand who they’re voting for, and that they can replace them in x years.
  5. SenorPerfecto

    can someone explain brexit?

    Polling indicates REMAIN would trounce Brexit in second referendum. If the UK’s citizens now want to stay in the EU, why shouldn’t they? Answer: there is no reason why they shouldn’t. The only people still pushing Brexit are those with a vested financial interest in leaving the EU.
  6. SenorPerfecto

    Havana Rumours: When 10 becomes 20

    If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin', some say.
  7. SenorPerfecto

    None Cubans

    Arturo Fuente (Dominican -- top of the line is the Opus X Angel's Share in my opinion) RomaCraft Tobac (Nicaraguan -- try their Intemperance and Aquitaine lines) Warped (Mixed Dom/Nica -- I've been smoking a bunch of the La Colmena lately, a "Cubanesque" blend) Illusione (Mixed -- their "bottom of line" is great, with the Rothchildes and the Grande Classe Rex) Aganorsa Leaf (Nicaraguan -- formerly Casa Fernandez -- see if you can find their gold-wrapped "Signature Series" which is creamy creamy) Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust (Mixed, primarily Nica -- try anything that says "Muestra de Saka" on it)
  8. Peace be with you today, brother. I'm happy to see that at least here, there's very little hatred and bias being demonstrated.
  9. SenorPerfecto


    This is how I feel about aged cigars. Particularly the 1966 that he mentions 🤣
  10. SenorPerfecto


    Now, who the hell needs more than 100 cigars??
  11. He's in great shape for a 71 year old Arnold, or a 30 year old anyone else.
  12. "Oh look at the little girly man! Look at those floppy nipples! I don't know whether to hit you or milk you!"

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