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  1. Very cool! we know the underfilled cigars smoke like wind tunnels; are the 11g cigars plugged?
  2. Rocky's VP of Sales, Dave Bullock, was photographed wearing "blackface" at a party. In response over the last 48 hours, Rocky has done... well, nothing. Except remove Bullock's Linkedin page and Facebook page, sanitizing comments from their official social media, and quietly hoping the controversy goes away. Before the equivocating starts: Yes, it's blackface even though he was imitating someone of Indian descent. Yes, blackface is racist. No, it doesn't matter if the Wayans Brothers did whiteface in a movie -- this is not that, and that's not what we are talking about
  3. When your palate is blown that’s one too many.
  4. China? Wait til the US smartens/opens up. You want hoovering?
  5. On the Way Up In Your Estimation ? 1. Romeo y Julieta Churchill 2. SCDLH Principe 3. On The Way Down In Your Estimation ? 1. RASS 2. Party Shorts 3.

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