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  1. Does this remind anyone of somebody who's on the news quite a lot? 🤣
  2. I'll tell you right now... you do NOT have to put those QdO 50 down... at all... they're brilliant now.
  3. For the Pooh-Poohers
  4. Send me a box and I'll let you know if you should send another.
  5. Rumors. i guess I was more of a happy romantic than a shoe-gazing malcontent.
  6. Replace the glass. Throw down some Persian carpets, fill it with plants and music and comfy chairs, and I'm good here.
  7. For what it's worth, for $2-3 each I thought mine were fabulous.
  8. OH you mean a bundle wrapped in a palm/banana leaf? Yes there are a lot of them around the island esp Vinales.
  9. I'm patiently waiting on a box of PLMC to mature. Have never had an aged one but looking forward to it, judging by these PLPC...
  10. They said the same thing when Sean Connery took over from Phyllis Diller in 1962. "No way, you can't have a male Bond, I won't watch, blahblahblah." Take it easy, 'flakes. It's just a movie. If it stinks, you better believe they will go back to the original formula.

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