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  1. SenorPerfecto

    LAX Monday 5th of November

    Looking at traffic right now, it's Mr. C (32 minutes from LAX -- might be a little lighter at 4pm than 5:30, should get head count in advance and let them know we are coming; pricey but not outrageous) Lone Wolf (26 minutes, requires a member to arrange, which I am not) Qs Billiards (across the street from Lone Wolf -- the least difficult option, decent bar and food, cheap, relatively small but welcoming smoking patio could fit 15 or so gentlemen) I wish it were as simple as finding a bar with food to smoke at; a tall order in LA, especially near the airport...
  2. SenorPerfecto

    Cigar Shops Riveria Maya Mexico

    *Don't buy cigars in Mexico* is a good rule of thumb. Plenty of fakes in the shops, all fakes outside the shops.
  3. Hypotheticalifornia
  4. There should be a total ban on foreign land sales until Cuba's economy is 100% free and average wages start to approach those of neighboring nations in the Caribbean. It's the only way to prevent the military dictators from selling out the whole country to fatten their own pockets, and keep all of Havana and every desirable seacoast area from falling into noncuban hands. It would be so sad if no Cubans lived in Havana.
  5. PLPC 50 898 Fundys Coloniales Dip2 LGC2 LGC4 QdO50 RASS 50 SLR DC
  6. Bahahaha. I mean, I have a box of PLMC in my humidor, but... there simply is no contest. LGC crushes it.
  7. SenorPerfecto

    If you did it over again...

    Get the biggest one you can afford (in $ and space), and get temp control. This goes for ALL cigar storage, not just aristocrats.
  8. Hmm... now to figure out how to avoid paying $31 for these...
  9. Mr. C. Bazaar. No cut fee either place. Both very nice. Ten Pound is supposed to be OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive.
  10. Agree. I had my first a year ago and already a phenom. Laugh if you like but the late ‘17 Non Plus are quaffable!
  11. What does a driver cost, by the day? How do you work it?
  12. I was going to ask how we'd all find each other, but it sounds like "go to the Nacional, close your eyes and throw a rock" works 🤣

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