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  1. As a longtime LA resident, I'll tell you, there are few places in the US I'd live other than here. It's the best. The thing I find most curious about this law is the exemption for the 3 lounges -- but no exemption for the business type. Which functionally means that the existing lounges (which include the Grand Havana Room West, a pricey dump) actually made out better than if there had been no new law at all! No new competition will be coming their way -- ever. So don't cry too hard over this, unless you're someone who was considering opening a nice swanky cigar lounge in BH -- you're shit out of luck. I hear the Mayor is a cigar smoker... could be some "home cookin" going on here.
  2. SenorPerfecto

    The Netherlands

    The LCDH Amsterdam is a great shop! No lounge. You may find some aged boxes if you put in the time Also go to the lounge at PJC Hajenius. Tell Iris I say hi! The hotel de L’Europe has a cool cigar bar open late (bring your own). Theres an amazing all-Nicaraguan shop/lounge near the LCDH called Cigaragua. Do not miss it. enjoy!
  3. I'll take a bundle of each.
  4. SenorPerfecto

    The friendliest cigar city in the US?

    I would go with Miami or Vegas.
  5. SenorPerfecto

    The friendliest cigar city in the US?

    Tampa pretty friendly but a very seedy town with little to offer. Tampa/Ybor, same.
  6. SenorPerfecto

    The friendliest cigar city in the US?

    Definitely not. Smoking banned in 2016.
  7. I’ve had Franklins. And KC style. And lots of others. Best ribs? Bludso’s Bar n Que, La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.
  8. SenorPerfecto


    It’s between sessions so may not be a big deal? Remember me doesn’t work as well as I’d expect is all. But in general? Very impressed with this rollout. It’s a game changer in the cigar world. Now, to win an auction...
  9. SenorPerfecto


    Thanks. I also seem to get logged out a lot.
  10. If I could age everything in tubos, caps on, I would. They retain a pungency for years that's hard to obtain from non-tubos.
  11. SenorPerfecto


    Something I would love: Pagination controls at the top as well as the bottom (especially for mobile) so I can go to the page I want without having to scrooollll to the bottom of the page I *don't* want first.
  12. SenorPerfecto

    24:24 TUESDAY

    2015 Lusi 50s. Damn.
  13. SenorPerfecto

    Partagas Festival 2019

    Is there a schedule of events yet?
  14. SenorPerfecto

    Bushido - Which one is real?

    Look the same to me. I.e., both real.

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