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  1. I would conservatively estimate that you can smoke in peace in 95% of the land surface area of planet Earth.
  2. Well, also from LA here (aka the current restaurant center of the universe), and... there's no contest. You can eat fine meals in Havana. And some will be memorable for many reasons. But earth-shattering cuisine is not going to be one of them. Again, I've had dozens of good meals in Cuba. And also many very bad ones (the Cuban sandwich at the Nacional being one of them). But it's hard to travel almost anywhere in the world -- Paris, Rome, Tokyo -- and not feel a little let down by the restaurant scene, when you live and dine in LA on a regular basis. I'm not knocking the Cubans. They do what they do with what they have. But compared to LA or SF or NYC? There is no "cuisine" in Cuba. There's food. It gets the job done and sometimes exceeds that. And again I don't expect molecular gastronomy here. I would say the better meals in Cuba rate about the same as an above average Diner in the US. And the not-better ones? You better hold onto your lunch, buddy
  3. Welcome! Tell us about Luxembourg! I'll wager only a few of us have been there. I've been all over Western Europe but have so far skipped the tiny ones
  4. Sounds like a cool trip. FYI the shops in Madrid close early, and are closed all day Sunday! There's a new LCDH in Marrakech since I was there last. Let us know if you check it out. Don't miss Fes, my favorite city in Morocco!
  5. Far as I know, the festival one was handed out at the 2008 festival, which probably had... a few hundred attendees? The production version was 20,000 units and followed in 2009. Same cigars AFAIK.
  6. I'm going to have to try the 109 again... my first was... ungood. Haute 10 is fantastic.
  7. Warped: La Colmena RomaCraft: WunderLust, Weaselito, Baka Aganorsa Leaf: Signature Dunbarton: Sin Compromiso, Muestra de Saka, Sobremesa Brulee Foundation: El Gueguense Maduro, Highclere Castle
  8. Weeeelll... that's not QUITE true. Nobody knows yet what a new line will cost. And plenty of small companies continue to put new lines out even now, suggesting they aren't very worried. The Chicken Littles are going to be disappointed, I believe.
  9. This! Vcut is one of the coolest places in America. I would be heartbroken if it ever closed. I know like half my most beloved friends from there!

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