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  1. Yes that being said, not finding gems is going to be the least of your worries. Actually I didn't have any worries there. So I guess it's a tie
  2. It's a private club and I believe the members are making their own cigars available for the shoots.
  3. I spoke to the gent who does their IG at Partagas Fest this past year. He seems extremely meticulous, but acknowledged that he's gotten some heat from IG commenters about opening boxes etc. for his art. I told him to tell those people to go f@ck themselves hahah!
  4. @birley_cigars No contest.
  5. Will someone step into the void? @PigFish
  6. SenorPerfecto

    Super Bowl Predictions

    Pats in a walk. Brady and Beli back for more in 2020 and beyond (have you seen the young talent they have coming in next year??). Dynasty to end all dynasties. The Brady Era.
  7. hmph, I guess I didn't get rich fast enough.
  8. Can I just pick the QdO 50 and be done with it?
  9. Besides the fact that you can’t authenticate... WHY buy customs on the secondary market? Their appeal is quality + price; on secondary, people ask $20 or more for customs — the price strength goes right out the window for sticks the seller paid $6 for in Cuba. If you want cheap, go to Cuba or buy regular production on clearance. But customs don’t have any magic. It makes no sense to buy customs at secondary prices just to say you had a Jorge, or whomever.
  10. SenorPerfecto

    Top 10 hat styles of modern history

    Peaky Blinders has given the newsie a pretty big comeback in the States.
  11. SenorPerfecto

    Factory video

    Thanks Rob!!
  12. SenorPerfecto

    Havana: Cuba's Food Revolution

    Thanks Rob!
  13. SenorPerfecto

    FoH custom rolls

    A year ago?

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