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  1. Non-Cubans, so the construction must be impeccable. 😏 In all seriousness, I hate hearing about this crap because they use these stories as evidence for putting more restrictions on premium cigars.
  2. 1. Medio siglo (wastes perfectly good leaves) 2. Regional releases (another waste) -tired of schizophrenic releases.
  3. 1. Coro 2. RASS i hate writing Coro due to hype but must admit I enjoy it.
  4. I love the pictures. This is why FOH is so amazing. Thanks, Rob!
  5. Thanks for the review! I was really curious about this thing!
  6. This has been discussed at length by those with more experience than me but I’ll provide my humble take on Cohibas. I love cohibas, but no more than other marcas. I find that it’s almost unsmokable when young and must be aged at least a year. Even then, it’s hit or miss. I’m just going through my 5 year cohibas and it’s smoking well to very well but majority still can use 2-3 years. I find that it has to be down 5 years at least to start pulling the great flavors with good burn. Cohibas and some marcas taste similar across brands when young but as they age, they start to diverge in flavor profiles. I enjoy final third sweetness in the aged Cohiba boxes that I can’t seem to pull out of other brands. Cohibas are not superior, it’s just different and I enjoy RASS, PSD4, Epi2, monty 2 equally. Cheers.
  7. Yes and no. Codes are good to keep track of factory quality, and it’s “fun” to know the minutiae of the product in hand. (In fact, I’m with Ken in his pursuit of identifying the exact roller.) It may also be important due to fakes/perception of fakes out there (although a good counterfeiting racket can duplicate it easily). Having said that, if I trust a vendor (like I do with Rob), it’s doesn’t matter that much anymore. I used to care a lot more when I was getting my sticks through other vendors. Cheers.
  8. I don’t invest in cigars. I invest in the experience and the relaxation that cigars bring. I go through my stock regularly. I have also cut back on purchasing limited edition stuff because the return in my investment in the form of elevated experience do not really match the financial premium I pay for the extra band. Cheers!
  9. I firmly believe ash changes taste. However, I cannot tell you in all honesty optimal length of said ash to maximize flavor. My speculation is that the ash provides temperature control stemming from oxygen concentration changes that occur as the ash forms distal to burn line. Hot fast burn associated with high o2 concentration tend to produce acrid flavor and I get it every time I tap my cigar. Longer ash seems to subdue acrid flavor and bring up the smoother consistent pleasant taste. Cheers.
  10. I'm sure I'm one of many that will review Des Dieux this week and am looking forward to what others think of this line. I'm definitely late to the HDM party. To say that HDM is underrepresented in my humidor is an understatement. Des Dieux is the only one I own. I must admit I do not get that itch to pull the trigger when other HDM come up for sale, compared to Monties, Partagas or Cohibas. I have tried a few different cigars from HDM but they never piqued my interest. I have found myself gravitating consistently to Partagas, RA or Cohibas. This box I own is from our host, when a PSP box was made available. Pictures that Rob took were delectable and it was the first time I couldn't resist. I've had one stick just a month after I received it in the mail, just to sample it fresh. And now, this weekly challenge is the newest excuse to try another one. My goal is to age it at least 5 years before integrating it into the rotation. But this will be an exception. It's a beautiful box with dark rich silky wrappers. It feels great in the hand. I love long skinnies. They just feel right and they are my second favorite format. -First Third- Opening is beautiful with a long finish, laden with almost nectarine like sweetness mixed with some coco and roasted tobacco. It is glorious even though it's young. I know I'm in for a treat and I head to my liquor cabinet to grab a bourbon to enjoy it with. It's bloody hot today and so I do something I normally do not do. I will drink my bourbon with ice. ("Blasphemy!", you say. But seriously, it's super hot and dry). Cigar is mild-medium body and the fruity goodness is bountiful. -Second Third- The second third is interesting. The fruit has died down just a tad and with the body picking up just a bit. It tastes more like stone fruit compote and meat dish. Very pleasant. Enjoyable in a slightly different way compared to first third. Beautiful gray ash. Lovely long finish still. I'm craving some pork chops for some reason. Toward the end of the second third, I experience just a touch of pepper. -Final Third- I'm one of those people that finish cigars to the nub. The problem is that I've had many instances where the last third was mediocre or a complete let down. Many times, I face acrid full strength monstrosity in cigars that really let you down. If the last third is a let down, I am a cranky guy. Perhaps it's my short attention span but even if the first two thirds were great, I am so profoundly disappointed if the final third literally stinks. Well, I don't have that problem with this stick. I'm still getting long smooth sweet finish and the pepper flavor is coming in nicely. No acrid flavor or that unpleasant taste you get if you take a draw of the cigar when the cherry is out. It's peaches, and nectarine all around and I smoke it to about a centimeter, while I singe the tip of my fingers. -Final Thoughts- I'm glad that Rob and Ken's reviews in the past brought me to this cigar. I will admit that I'm still not convinced of the HDM marca and am still deciding if I should start exploring more of their line up. When I first joined the forum, I purchased a sampler and I tried a few but was never really impressed. Perhaps in the future, I'll dive in some more.
  11. I've had issues with mold. Please make sure your humidity is under control with the heat
  12. Depends on the brand. If it's not too wet, I just try one right away. Then I rotate it into my schedule. I don't really have a box that I set aside for Long long term storage. Life is short. I want to enjoy it when I can.

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