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  1. My deepest sympathies. Sad Christmas for the family.
  2. Hi Rob, couldn’t agree more with your Christmas sentiments at the end of the vid.. “ Hug your loved ones , have a cigar, and a Christmas tipple, it’s been a hard year, but it will get better.” Here here.. Rob, may you and your family have a peaceful and joyful Christmas and to all at FOH, may the New Year bring us health, happiness and better times ahead. Cheers, Col
  3. Thanks guys, this was too easy, not so much mine, but the wife’s favourite movie, watched many times, and again just recently. Merry Christmas to all at FOH. Thanks Moe👍🏻
  4. H Upmann petit corona MEG MAR 16 (DDRW) Outstanding!! See review
  5. These would be one of my staples thanks to the consistent quality and price range. I was heartbroken when they discontinued the HUPC.. Paired with a Coopers Extra Stout. The aroma at cold is something else, sweet musk and leather. Not like a leather boot, but like a new Sherrin that hasn’t been kicked yet.. I could smell these all day! Seriously box pressed, can’t roll it in my fingers, but doesn’t bother me. It hits the ground running, sweet cedar, with a nutty aftertaste. Voluptuous smoke, perfect draw. White ash and a perfect burn. What else could you ask for. These are ageing magnificently. Usually medium in strength but this one is rather light. Second third slight pepper Coming to the fore but It’s pleasant and not overwhelming. Sweetness now is more shortbread. No coffee or chocolate whatsoever. The Coopers Stout makes up for that. Burn and ash are behaving themselves. Last third, pepper is gone, sweetness has subsided, and replaced with sourdough and hint of cedar, and now that sweet leather ‘kicking in’ (probably the sherrin I mentioned earlier..) Thoroughly enjoyable. I Nubbed this one as it kept on giving and would mark it right up there, 94-95. Why, why, why did they discontinue these??...
  6. Outstanding affordable petite corona that ticks all the boxes for me. Always tasty, but never an adventure in taste. You could even say one dimensional throughout but at the very least you know what your getting and that’s what I like about them. Always well constructed with slight box press. Upon lighting, draw is always good, just right for me, razor sharp burn, lovely long ash, lots of smoke, never any issues. Cedar, leather, earth are prominent, occasional hint of coffee or nutmeg, slight spice/ pepper at the end. That’s it, classic partagas, and always like this for me. Nice rich smoke and never above medium throughout. Sometimes you want something that will not disappoint for a 45 min or so smoke. I find when I can’t decide what to choose I naturally gravitate to a Partagas Mille Fleur, and it rarely disappoints, especially with a couple of years or longer on them.
  7. “I’m SPARTACUS”.. A man must accept his fate, and he must never hesitate, There has alway been a choice, but I never ever, have them moist, 65 percent humidity, gives them real validity, Smell the aroma, clip the end, you will never be the same again, Light one up and you will see, the truth will always set you free.. “I’m PARTAGAS”..

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