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  1. Fonseca no 1 GOA JUL16 Hit the ground running, paired with Nikka from the Barrel- Japanese whisky. Yum yum..
  2. Cohiba short, unbeatable when not much time to sit back and enjoy one of its bigger brothers
  3. These look special- ‘ straight to the pool room’..
  4. Zone out with some favourite music, coffee or something stronger..
  5. HDM EPI No. 2 -AME JUN 13 These are hitting a sweet spot for me now. Perfect flavour, perfect draw and perfect construction right to the end.. Hate the double band though. lol
  6. Was in my 20’s in the 1980’s, not sure if it was just my youth, but if I could bottle the whole decade and have it on repeat, the world would be a better place for it. I miss that decade, many good memories. Things were more relaxed and without the mind clutter of today..
  7. Finally found some quiet time in my day for some ‘me time’ Enjoying a Partagas Mille Fleur
  8. Quintero Favorito, tighter draw than i’d like, but very tasty
  9. Chilly Melbourne night, some Hanwood 10 year Tawny Port and a terrific Fonseca No 1- GOA JUL16. I love a Lonsdale ..
  10. Cheers JohnS , and a belated Happy Birthday 🥳 to you.
  11. In a nutshell, you’re free to do as you wish, as long as.. ‘I allow it and under my terms’ = fake freedom !!
  12. 2013 HDM EPI 2, paired with a Coopers Best Extra Stout, both shared, with my lovely wife. Great combination (all three..) EPI 2 just sublime!
  13. Quintero Favorito, Always consistent, rarely disappoints

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