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  1. Like the Castro look.. Happy Birthday Luca! 🍻🎂🥂
  2. Unbelievable loss for Australia and for the world. Gone to soon.. RIP WARNEY.
  3. In Melbourne we call potato scallops potato cakes. Scallops from the fish shop for us are battered scallops ( the shellfish). Fish and chips were the family business for us. Dad started in 1965 in Lygon St Carlton and finished with his last shop in the suburbs in the late eighties. He made the best fish and chips.. Hardest worker I knew, was my Dad, Fed a generation before Maccas, KFC etc. came to Australia. Back in those days fish and chips were pretty much all there was in terms of take away in Melbourne. Busiest day was always Friday night. I would leave my office job early on Fridays and put on an apron and serve customers in the family business until I was 28. Great memories..
  4. Hang on, was that page 51 or 52 (the print is so small). Let’s get back to the real topic Ken. You actually hit Ilie Nastase with your car!! I have to apologise then, you really take your tennis seriously. There’s got to be a movie in that story, or at very least an episode of Seinfeld. 😉
  5. You guys take Kyrgios too seriously. He’s a tennis player more by accident than by choice and he would rather play basketball if it weren’t for the $$ he makes from prize money as well as endorsements he earns. Where does it say in the tennis rule book you have to behave a certain way or be a role model for kids or fit a particular mould that appeases everyone’s sensibilities as well as everyone’s expectations? Remember the original ‘Superbrat’ McEnroe ?You cannot be serious!! This was back in the 80s! for Gods sake.. Remember Maria Sharapova and her shrieking/grunting, you needed to have to turn the sound down on the tv to watch her. Pete Sampras? boring as hell, like watching paint dry, and yes, the one true KNOB The knob of all knobs, the deported and departed, NOVAX Djokovic.. Kyrgios is just a young and immature Aussie Larrikin that enjoys taking the piss and is just having the time of his life.. He puts bums on seats Ken, sorry some of the bums are not quite to your taste..
  6. Win or lose, talent or not, at the end of a day Kyrgios is a showman..Compelling to watch. I dare you NOT to watch him…
  7. Nah, It’s the old band, he was highlighting it’s aged, - higher price!
  8. Well said Ken, exactly how it was back then. Bat out of Hell was unique a rock opera that stood the test of time. I was 18 in ‘78 and and the originality of the album at the time was something else. Heaven can wait, one of the best songs ever written and performed.. RIP Meatloaf - Heavens waiting for you-
  9. It reads fine to me .. Wait, let me turn of my vibrator…
  10. Well, one thing we all have in common irrespective of colour, is that we’re all monkeys..
  11. One of those things looks like it belongs under the hood of a Holden HG Monaro..
  12. As always an absolute wealth of knowledge mixed with some class, thank you JohnS. I enjoy Courvoisier VSOP Cognac very occasionally. Also read somewhere that Napoleon Bonaparte only drank Courvoisier, so if it’s good enough for Emperors.. Also enjoy the Metaxa 7 star Brandy. Probably shouldn’t do this, but try Metaxa with ice, it takes It to anther level.
  13. Hey guys, go easy on naming something I’m going to put into my mouth and try for the very first time..
  14. My mate sent me a couple more pics . Definitely from Melbourne. He said the box is in pristine condition, the cigars look like any other smokable cigar, not dried out even a bit spongy, no mould or visible nasties. Looks like there’s only one thing left to do and that’s try them..
  15. Thanks for the replies. The box in photos that he sent me appear to be from a younger vintage than what you would find in 1920s and they also seem to be surprisingly well preserved, even fresh looking. The ad from the bulletin appears closer to the mark so maybe 70s -80s My mate wants me to try one with him so I’ll let you know how it goes. Cheers
  16. I builder mate found these in a cupboard draw of a house he was demolishing. I don’t think they are Cuban. Has anyone heard of these or know how old they might be? They look to be in good condition. Any help appreciated.

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