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  1. The first thing that came to mind when I saw this thread title!
  2. Do the majority of the lighters work long term? I was considering adding one to my next box order.
  3. Bolivar CG Monte 2 SLR Serie A Partagas 898 Punch DC
  4. 1. Quality Portugese Sardines in Olive Oil 2. Good sourdough bread 3. Salted sweet cream butter 4. Sliced onion 5. Your favorite cold beer. Butter the (toasted) sourdough. Lay on the sardines, drizzle some of the oil, and top with a healthy dose of thinly sliced onion. Open the cold beer. Enjoy.
  5. Remarkable. I'd love a 5'er! Congrats to the new owner.
  6. I'm liable to ****** up just about anything on any given 24:24 but I'll be quick on the trigger the next time Punch Punch is up. The marca is glaringly absent from my stock.
  7. Agreed. But, more than I need at the same time. Good thing hobbies don't have to be rational.
  8. I keep them. I put'm in a jar. I'm sure I'll do something with them eventually but don't know what. When that day comes i guess I'll be glad I have them. I like that lamp, stogieninja.
  9. I've really enjoyed the flavor I've gotten from the HUHC and I would (and do) recommend them. Haven't had a Hoyo PR.
  10. Black. Cream every once in a while. Never sugar.
  11. Forgot to snap a pic but I had a Brewery Vivant Farmhand tonight. I've yet to have a beer I didn't enjoy from Vivant.

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