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  1. Good question. Having similar Tetris issues! Any idea of the dimensions of a 50 cab of Lusitanias?
  2. Have a 2016 box bought here that are just effing delicious!
  3. I buy the odd NC trying to convince myself that there might be one that has the depth or complexity of a Cuban. To date I have failed. So far every one has been bland and/or one dimensional bar an Oliva Serie V, I'm on the verge of giving up completely on any more NC, too much effort!
  4. No point arguing with them either as that just encourages them! Take it on the chin & quietly gloat about all the other boxes you got that they didn't catch! Win the war & never mind the battle
  5. Was there in May last year & picked up some stunning Punch LE Serie D'Oro No 2 & a cracking box of 2012 Cohiba Lanceros. She did try to overcharge me though so know your prices before entering!
  6. Once you've finished stuffing your face on Xmas day, what smoke will you be reaching for?
  7. Pull that trigger Destino30, I've 2 boxes gone & 2 resting, bloody gorgeous
  8. Just smoking one from what's left of a box EMA Jun 07 paired with coffee. Spicy start settled into a subtle sweetness. Pleasant early afternoon smoke
  9. Package arrived from our host that looks amaaaaaazing with cigars that belong in the Louvre; initial tastings are all Siglo VI to me, the untrained humble FOH foot soldier. What are the opinions on these from those that have tried & any chance we'll see them on the deck El Pres?
  10. Put some aged PSP boxes up pres & I'll buy em even if nobody else will, love San Cristobal
  11. I have a box of La Fuerza from 2010 that are unbeatable & a box of El Morro from 03. Those la Fuerza are flavour bombs, some of the El Morro feel plugged but 2 days dry boxing..........I've no words for how good they are
  12. Lads I've been nursing a Cohiba Piramides Extra in my humi for a year & avoided it coz it looked a bit bling. Didn't want to smoke it coz I thought I might like it without appreciating it, if you know what I mean. IT WAS AMAZING. You fellas know better, are they always this good?
  13. I've recently acquired some Cuaba Salomones & am at a loss what to do regarding cutting & lighting. Obviously i cut the head but do I cut the foot as well or just light it????? Any (sensible) advice appreciated!!!! Cheers
  14. Butt in the valleys is friend
  15. Stevieboy has it on the nail! International language
  16. Cheers butt , steamed to the conkers & smoking my head off!!! Lurking & learning loads off this site

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