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  1. The H. Upmann robusto Anejados I bought (on sale, and on a whim) have been fine cigars, but..... I could have gotten mostly the same experience with drastically cheaper Connie no. 1's. So, there is that. I won't be bothering to seek out more once this box is finished.
  2. Not sure this annoys me as much as the "It's lit, and burns fine, but generates zero smoke" cigars that I've had from time to time. Its damn irritating, cause all you get is hot air. Had that several times with HdM DC's and never have figures out why. Sometimes after you've smoked of down a ways it'll start producing, but by then quite a lot of the enjoyment is sucked out of it.
  3. The EPC Short Run 2010 were fantastic, some of the best cigars I ever smoked. Never had anything else from EPC that really impressed me, the follow-up 2012 Short Runs where nowhere near as good.
  4. I don't think I've seen anyone in the thread mention them, but Steven Brust's Vlad Taltos series is excellent. Mix of magic infused with a detective noir type of vibe, especially in the earlier works. Highly recommend.
  5. I'd be flipping and buying a nice supply Fundys and sundry others 😁
  6. Admittedly I'm going by online only sales cause, you know, I don't actually have access to local LCDH to drop in and pick up some. Retail is always going to be higher, but these just seem absurdly overpriced. Now, I could be wrong, they could be incredible and after the initial rush they may come down appreciably, but feels like HSA is trying to raise prices by quite a lot in a stealthy manner with these releases. Could just be me being cynical, but it wouldn't surprise me to see other PC-like sticks in that marca become constrained as they shift production to a nearly identical product that they are selling at a higher mark up. We expect regular price increases anyway, just feels like a drastic increase all in one go.
  7. Wait.....these are going to be almost $13 a piece??? So, in the Siglo II range? What the heck is the tin made of????
  8. Bigger ring gauges more often then not are filled with more flavorless tobacco. They generally burn effortlessly, and don't require highly trained rollers, so you can guess why they've caught on.
  9. Boli Gold medals. Picked them up cheap, smoked them and was thoroughly enjoying them. Hemmed and hawed, finally went to buy more and they'd doubled in price, so hemmed and hawed some more and then they were gone..... Also, Boli CG, have a few left but kicking myself for not picking up more....
  10. Just had my first N3, also ROTT, very nice. Reminds me of a Quesada Espana corona in a longer format. For those that hate it, no pepper on the retro, though there was a tiny harsh note that did not detract from the smoke and is something I'd expect to smooth out as the cigar rests and acclimates. Glad I jumped on these, looooove the format.
  11. I dunno. I like several different maduro/oscuro type blends in NC, and when done right I think it's one of my favorite wrappers, but I've not been impressed with the sole examples of CC maduro that I've tried (Secretos). I'd like to see them try, as long as it's not at a premium with a second band to drive the price up further. I have some Monte DE that are fairly dark for a cuban that have been smoking a treat, and for some reason I keep thinking that would be great as a true maduro, but proof is in the blending (can't just slap a different wrapper over the same blend and expect a winner). I would also love to see candela wrapped CC, one of my favorite cigars is the Illusione Holy Lance Candela. It's my favorite out of the three options they have for that lancero (the others being a Maduro and Natural wrapper) and has a really unique taste, so I'd love to see some CC blends really tinker with it and see what they could make of it.
  12. I only smoke outside, so that's pretty accurate. Generally best months are November to about March, but depends, as sometimes the hit, humid weather can last till late into December even (many memories of shorts and AC on Xmas...). I'd say NC's are indeed more tolerant of higher humidity, I think more because of how they are rolled than any other reason, think they are deliberately rolled a bit looser to account for swelling from humidity. In any case, they generally have far fewer tent-pole moments, in fact I think I've had maybe 2-3 plugged NC's versus 20-30 plugged CC's. Almost all can be fixed by dry box generally, but you need to catch that before you light the darn thing. LOL.
  13. I think I say this on every o e of these threads: drybox prior to smoking in a high humidity environment will definitely improve combustion and may save you from some really bad experiences. I smoke in Florida, drybox is a must in the summer, and hell, most of the year due to the higher humidity. Time of day can factor in here too, as sometimes dew can even become an issue if you are smoking later evening and after our ever present thunderstorms.
  14. If you are getting tunneling, then by all means dry box them to see if it helps correct it. You're likely best served by just giving them a month or so to get homogenized, but dry boxing is quicker "fix". If you're like me and you tend to smoke outdoors in a humid environment, dry boxing is very helpful in getting consistent burns. But it sounds like you aren't having much in the way of combustion issues (relights, canoeing, tunneling) and are enjoying the cigars, so don't overthink it.

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