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  1. Bring on a SCdlH Lonsdale and I'd be all over it. Or heck, just a corona....
  2. Sucks that the only way to get these sorts of vitolas anymore is for a regional to be requested. This sort of thing should be a regular production cigar. Not enough Lanceros/lonsdales in the mix anymore.
  3. Wavy burn lines happen and aren't a concern or "issue" for me. Plugs and underfill though... Alot of plugs are due to higher then necessary humidty and will alleviate themselves after acclimation. 30 days is NOT enough time, 90 days is preferred by me. I've mentioned it in other threads, but dry boxing will help, especially if you are in a very humid smoking environment. Now,'re kinda just screwed. I've had a few Trini Vigia that are underfilled, right now that seems to be the line that has the most I've encountered (and seeing as how much they charge for them, is a crime). Then only thing you can do if you hit an underfilled cigar is kind of "crush" it down to get it to a point where you restrict air enough for proper combustion, sort of like an improvised box press. Thankfully, I've only really had this issue with a few lines. As far as CC versus NC construction, it's honestly not even a contest. NC's have this locked down, they're the Globetrotters, CC are the Generals. That being said, the good quality NC's (i.e., the ones I still buy after going full-on CC) are often overpriced. They also have a vastly different flavor profile in most cases so they are not a direct replacement anyway, it's like replacing your steak with enchiladas; they're both tasty dishes that you like and seek out, but if you wanted the filet today, you aren't going to be happy when the waiter brings you enchiladas.
  4. I'm going to be the umpteenth person to tell you to wait. So, just wait. 30 days is a start, 60-90 would be better. Some of that depends on your typical smoking environment. Muggy tropical type environment (read: Florida)? Make that 90 days + a possible dry-box depending on storage RH. Arizona? You can probably safely get away with 30 days. Relights can kill a cigar and ruin the experience, so why risk it. If you already have cigars (i.e., your from the states and have plenty of supply of NC's) then keep at them for now, but I would recommend toning down the full-strength face-burners a few days ahead of your first cuban's: they are a far milder experience in the main.
  5. I have an old Tatajue box opening tool/hammer that has a spoon on one end that works a treat, but as others have already said, don't overthink it, just do whatever works. If you end up with a little chip or crack, it won't usually affect smoke ability.
  6. If we tell you this, then people will read this thread and start stocking up, reducing supply for us to hoard. So, no, not telling.
  7. Was somewhat late to the game, but Boli CE for sure. Still have about half a box left. Also Boli Gold Medals, remember when they were relatively inexpensive, got a few boxes, gifted quite a few away. Only have two left....
  8. If you have that many, wonder if you could save them by "box pressing" them under a book or something. That just sucks.
  9. James Burke's Connections. Loved the way they managed to present all the fascinating ways history is connected and present it with a touch of humor and class. They had the rather weak follow ups, but they were much shorter episodes, and the soap-opera quality camera work they used for it was rather annoying. Not sure if James is still around though. Other than that, that, they're a ton of series that have high praise, but if never bothered to watch due to knowing they are incomplete (Jericho is a prime example) so I'd like to see one of those reborn.
  10. They'll make up for it my making it 2" long I'm guessing.
  11. Vigia have been a complete meh for me, tons of construction issues that ought to be inexcusable on such a high priced cigar (I'd say I'm batting close to a %70 issue rate on one box...). Fundys have been fantastic, haven't smoked any semi-recent Reyes or Colonials.
  12. Funny, my issue cigar was a Hoyo DC from a dress box. Wouldn't draw worth a damn, seemed like a dowel rod for the last two thirds. Chopped it in half and smoked the first half, wind tunnel and underfilled (!). After finishing that unraveling mess, decided to try smoking the other half and amazingly it smoked ok, guess the cut losened it up or something. have had others from this box that smoked fine, and this one had a week of dry box time, sometimes you just never know until you smoke them.
  13. The divinos are just too damn small, with the taper they end up just to difficult to smoke at that size unless your just smoking the first 1/4 inch. Haven't had the traditonals, but the exclusivos are a good size but so far haven't impressed me much. The Distinguidos have been my favorite, haven't had the Salomon, but I like them enough I've started stocking up on them.
  14. Lotta love for the HUSW, wish I could say so as well, but so far my box has been a let down. I voted for Punch DC, but honestly would probably vote for Lusi's if I voted again. I've only just recently purchased some HDM DC so don't have enough experience with them to be comfortable voting, but out of the small handful I've smoked there has been a lot of potential.

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