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  1. clickbangdoh

    The Battle Of The Big Boys

    Lotta love for the HUSW, wish I could say so as well, but so far my box has been a let down. I voted for Punch DC, but honestly would probably vote for Lusi's if I voted again. I've only just recently purchased some HDM DC so don't have enough experience with them to be comfortable voting, but out of the small handful I've smoked there has been a lot of potential.
  2. No joke, I have gone into walk in humidors where they had 3-4 room humidifiers spewing clouds of mist into the room. And, huh, will you look at that, so much "plume" on cigars closest to them...….
  3. This is honestly something of a myth. Yes, there are some NC's that smoke better at 70%, but there is actually a pretty large contingent of NC smokers that prefer 65% for most all their NC smokes. My personal preference, even for NC's is 65%, most times a bit lower, though I tend to store for long-term aging at around 68%. Smoking outside in Florida may skew my preferences somewhat, as 70% is just asking for acrid smokes that require frequent re-lights. I wish many tobacconists in the US would stop telling people to store at 70% and instead tell them to store at what works best for their climate and needs.
  4. clickbangdoh

    Dry boxing questions

    I generally am storing in that 65% range. I live in a environment that is very humid outdoors, especially in the summer time. I also only smoke outside, so I find that if I don't dry box prior I tend to have a lot of relights and harsh taste. Whatever works for you, but I keep an old desktop humidor without any humidity control in it, and just toss a bunch of sticks in it and pull from there to smoke.
  5. Couldn't resist more Fundies, with the code that is a damn fine price. Same on a 50 cab of Hoyo DC too. And I guess I sorta broke my buying hiatus. *SIGH*
  6. clickbangdoh

    high roller bourbons

    I am seriously glad that my go-to burbon (Basil Hayden) is not some flippers wet dream. Cheap, readily available and tasty.
  7. I wish SLR DC would come back, then I could stop hoarding the few I have left.
  8. clickbangdoh

    Graycliff Cigars

    Yes. This is pretty common with NC brands and the big mail order catalogs. This doesn't automatically mean the cigar is going to be horrible, but many times they are banking on the name to help sell a cheaper (either to produce or in materials composition) cigar. There have been instances where they actually are quite good even, ex: the old Graycliff Double Expresso's used to be fantastic smokes, but I haven't had one in many years and (assuming the still sell them as I haven't looked) they may no longer be the same blend or rolled with the same care.
  9. clickbangdoh

    Graycliff Cigars

    Just avoid the Graycliff cigars marketed by the big mail order forms in the US. None of them are the real McCoy, i.e. they are just contract Dominican/Honduran cigars, not rolled in Nassau.
  10. clickbangdoh

    The Tube Effect

    The only point of comparison I have is the Mag 46. I have tubes from 09 that really have only become good-to-great recently, where as some from a cab were good almost ROTT. I had sort of given up on the tubos, but now they're smoking well.
  11. Ordered 2 boxes recently of Olive Cain F lanceros in the cab, not tubos. Haven't had them from the new boxes, but the ones from the tubes are one of the best lanceros on the market.
  12. Not really. The thing is, many vendors tend to store and ship "over" humidified. They do this because they'll be in transit without humidification, at least that is my theory. Now, depending on your environment, you may be able to get away with the limited "drying" that occurs in shipping, but my experience is that they're usually to damp still for my smoking preference, too many relights, bad taste, just leads to frustration. This doesn't mean every cigar you get will have these issues ROTT, but I simply find it better to avoid gambling and just stash them away for a few months.
  13. I don't even try anymore, I just put them to sleep for a good long nap. Granted, my smoking environment is a lot more humid than some, but if you have to try one at least dry box for a few days.
  14. clickbangdoh

    Sistema boxes

    I needed more room, so I just bought this: Along with a lid. Was looking for food grade as the non-food grade Sterlite containers have too much of a plastic smell even after repeated wash-downs and weeks outside in the sun to break down the volatiles. Hoping this'll hold some overflow and not have any odor. Already have a Havana Foot locker, two humidors, and 4 other tupperdors, this makes 5 tupperdors. I have buying issues....
  15. Go deep on Fundies my friend, go deep....

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