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  1. I'm sure HSA will soon be treating us to a proper Punch robustos, with a second label and a "robust" price in the low $20s USD.
  2. I haven't had the Maduro V since the 2008(9?) First release. Thought they were rather bland compared to the standard V of the time when new, nice to know that I was right not to age them. I never searched out more.
  3. There was a NC, the Joya de Nicaragua Celebration, that I consistently tasted blueberry pop-tart from. Not Blueberry, blueberry pop-tart. Was so weird, enjoyable, but weird.
  4. I believe these are rolled very loosely in order to prevent the twisting from causing them to draw poorly. That being the case, I think they'd smoke hot and fast, and not give you a good rendering of the leaf therein if they were smoked untwisted.
  5. Mostly I've just seen negative reviews of the RyJ Club Kings. The price is.....ridiculous, and no one seems to have been impressed with the cigars performance. If there are positive reviews out there, they are well hidden.
  6. I had good luck with these: You have to buy lids separate unfortunately. These don't have foam seals, so they will leak more than others, you can mostly solve that with some weatherstripping, though mine don't leak enough for me to care. But, mine came with almost no plastic smell, and even after leaving sealed with no cigars for a week I didn't have any plastic smell. A cheaper option though is just to repurpose old bins you already own. They generally stop outgassing in a c
  7. I've had varying success with these types of bins. Had some that worked well, smell was cleaned out after a thorough wash and a day or in the sun. Others, after several repeated washings and several days in the sun, still had that plastic smell return after just a few hours being sealed. Always test by sealing up for a few days with no cigars. I bought food grade containers later on that had no smell even from the factory, and those have worked pretty well.
  8. The H. Upmann robusto Anejados I bought (on sale, and on a whim) have been fine cigars, but..... I could have gotten mostly the same experience with drastically cheaper Connie no. 1's. So, there is that. I won't be bothering to seek out more once this box is finished.
  9. Not sure this annoys me as much as the "It's lit, and burns fine, but generates zero smoke" cigars that I've had from time to time. Its damn irritating, cause all you get is hot air. Had that several times with HdM DC's and never have figures out why. Sometimes after you've smoked of down a ways it'll start producing, but by then quite a lot of the enjoyment is sucked out of it.
  10. The EPC Short Run 2010 were fantastic, some of the best cigars I ever smoked. Never had anything else from EPC that really impressed me, the follow-up 2012 Short Runs where nowhere near as good.
  11. I don't think I've seen anyone in the thread mention them, but Steven Brust's Vlad Taltos series is excellent. Mix of magic infused with a detective noir type of vibe, especially in the earlier works. Highly recommend.

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