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  1. So I gotta ask only because I don't know enough about good and bad boxes, is there also a difference in the yellow ribbon and bands of those connie 1s?
  2. I left, then I decided to come back. Might leave again soon tough, we'll see how this green question is answered... it does pertain to RASS so that allows me to hang out a little longer.
  3. And now i realize this thread is about RASCC. I'll be leaving now
  4. RASS, MUR OCT 13. I plan on letting them sit until next summer regardless, will probably smoke one ROTT though.
  5. I'll be honest, I love the system, but because of the cheap ass in me I often find myself going to a competitor for a lower price and quicker ship times. But like I said, I'm a cheap ass (I shouldn't be smoking CCs, those two don't mix). I do go after the 12:12s though, and I didn't realize if they aren't listed as HQ or PSP that they were PE... that could change things. Out of curiosity... why do purchases ship out a week later?
  6. Yeah I can't wait for MN winters where it's 20 below with 40 below windchills... Sitting on a bucket in the middle of a frozen lake with a fishing pole in one hand and a gar in the other
  7. Good, makes me feel better about the recent purchase! Thanks guys!
  8. 2 Cigars from two different vendors, neither our host. All I know about the lighter one is it's LTB SEP 13. Is one suspicious?
  9. I don't think I'd need any alerts either. And these would just be for medium/large desktop humis. It gets dry as a bone around here in the winter and something to monitor would be nice. I've got a couple options to research it looks like!
  10. Ah.. that makes sense! This looks interesting http://wirelesstags.myshopify.com/products/copy-of-wireless-motion-sensor-tag-w-13-bit-temperature-and-humidity
  11. So you're using a setup that allows you to use your smart phone to monitor readings?

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