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  1. Jeanff

    May: Mensis Horribilus

    Sorry for your loss, she is an example of strenght of character, rest in peace 💐
  2. Jeanff


    Chateau du Breuil xo is a staple in my humble abode. Nothing too sexy but hit the spot every time 😉
  3. Jeanff

    Baby names help

    Congratulations and cool name indeed!
  4. Jeanff

    preachers and sneakers

    Ken, I assume your premise has to do with the classic expectation of church and associated staff being not for profit. That premise has always been optimistic at best...
  5. Jeanff

    Booze run

    Coffee, cacao/chocolate and nuts flavoured liqueurs are a woman’s best friends... look up mudslide/white russian recipes, mix Kalhua and Frangelico or Amaretto (or both) with ice and milk (soy or other milk substitutes work) in a 1 to 2 booze to milk racio, dump in a cocktail cherry and slowly shift the blend towards a 1:1 ratio as numbness sets in. liquoring oneself up doesn’t have to be fussy 😂
  6. Jeanff

    Baby names help

    What about Dulcinea?
  7. When my Zelda gets angry, I just start laughing a good belly laugh and I keep at it. Works consistently in de-escalating the non-issues of married life 😉
  8. Car parts stores will actually give you money for a dead car battery...
  9. Most people are not aware of how many billion dollars of monies paid by taxpayers are used every year to subsidize oil in North America...
  10. Well, to be fair the fellow did say it was merely a lucrative livelihood. He had the decency not to mention anything about honesty 😂
  11. Trouble is like chocolate. Addictive to some 😂
  12. Jeanff

    My Vegas Mishap

    Based on visual of the Cohiba, looks too wet which would explain the difficult draw. Colt45 might be on to something...
  13. I’d much rather take my chances with B. I’d miss my DCs way too much otherwise 😥

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