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  1. As others have mentioned already, getting your own house would likely fix the issue ?
  2. Have to agree about Baltic plywood, did my drawers and platform for the car and it doesn’t seem to mind humidity or temperature fluctuations, very stable stuff
  3. would tobacco farming and processing be considered under 'natural resources extraction' or be a potential business foreign interests could invest in?
  4. Is society improving over time because of or despite my decisions as a member... I ask myself that question sometimes before making an important decision. I hope others do too ?
  5. Some really good brown ales out there as well, including Omegang’s and others for the flavours hounds...
  6. My mother’s uncle, who introduced me to cigars in the late 90’, died this past spring on his 103rd birthday. Most folks on both of my parents’ sides live into their 90’ eating cake out of boxes and drinking/smoking. I plan for the long game ?
  7. He was trying to type treacherous but alas, auto-correct switched it ?
  8. I'd say to each his own... however, this is the extreme example of pointless luxury
  9. I politely disagree with your choice of word. It may be tempting to conflate two things one disagree with but I would suggest better words exist if one was to use only one to define the Cuban struggle. You could try corruption, apathy, stubbornness, etc

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