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  1. When one's humor fails to command laughters, two possibilities have to be weighed... Either the public is humorless or the joke didn't deserve laughter... food for thoughts 😅
  2. Thanks for the details. I'm thinking of modifying my trip a little bit and spending the night in la Vella so should have plenty of time to shop around.
  3. Eurokera is only the glass manufacturer. The appliance itself (made using Eurokera glass) should have a brand name...
  4. pretty sure you should be able to find the detailed manual for your exact model on the internet. Good luck!
  5. Anyone been to Andorra recently? I will likely spend a Saturday there in a month or so and welcome cigar/spirits shop recommendations. Thanks in advance!
  6. Nah, statutory rape of the Oxford dictionary shouldn't be a major issue, the Royals will always have plausible deniability on their side 😂 At least the Ol' Oxford is not underage
  7. One's intuitions can end up being misleading regardless of its apparent whim... Financial interest of some in anything is not a proper argument for the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of anything... Please do provide an elaborate argument supporting your position if you feel like I have miscaracterized it. Cheers!
  8. As an anectdote, I visit a certain good friend about four times a year, probably two times when it would be seasonally comfortable to smoke on the balcony, and our smoking these cigars twice a year (one cigar each, on each occasion) was enough to have the fourty or so condo owners of the building vote on a smoking ban on the building's balconies... Bans are rarely specific and understanding, they strawman and slippery slope their way into the plebe's subconciousness and aim at normalizing a certain righteousness of the hater's class... obviously being subjective here 😋
  9. Here in Quebec, the francophone bit of Canada, I am aware of many condominium buildings which have had quorum votes against smoking (regardless of the material being smoked) both inside the units and on the balconies. I do not know how these quorum voted regulations would hold in the civil (provincial) court but I am glad my neighbours are as private as I and have their houses at least 200 ft away 😅

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