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  1. Jeanff

    Friday funny

    Probably a typo, was meant to say 'Built in Argentenna' 😛
  2. Dvickery just won the internet today 😅
  3. Tourists are not all equal... backpackers don’t buy the same amount of Cohibas as retired and wealthy European boutique hotel/fancy restaurants consumers...
  4. Lots of tourism in Paris and France in general, has to account for some of the sales...
  5. Sorry mate, Cb is already taken as a known element in the periodic table...
  6. What’s current price on a 2013 box of mdo2? Might have one to offload...
  7. Jeanff

    a thought for christmas

    Look mommy, Santa left a big plump turkey under the tree this year... 😂
  8. Go big or go home... or in your case, go big then send it back home 😂
  9. Probably not the Conde, ceilings are too low 😂
  10. Cellophane is porous to some extent and won’t stop flavoured cigars from contaminating non-flavoured cigars stored together.
  11. Didn’t Jesus suggest to promptly turn the other cheek? (pun intended 😂)

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