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  1. I used the app Maps Me last time. Fully off- line and quite practical
  2. Jeanff

    Daily Quotes

    I live in the Laurentians but also have a condo in Laval. Would be fun to organise some herf in the city sometimes...
  3. Behike are sold in boxes of 10 only... did it have a transparent lid?
  4. Jeanff

    Daily Quotes

    Where in Qc are you located Ponfed?
  5. Sir Winstons Mag50 HdM DC cab PSP2 Monte 1 P898 Punch punch Esplendidos RASS cab Fundies
  6. Jeanff

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Many thanks Lisa :)
  7. Jeanff

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Getting married amongst close relatives, then honeymoon in Havana. Good times have been had
  8. Was not a big fan of the ones out of my first box but around the 5 year mark, I'm enjoying them more and more.
  9. Less George Clooney than David Attenborough 😂
  10. Dare I say, I'm no gynaecologist but I can tell a c*nt when I see one 😂
  11. I use an old trick from the hardwood lumber industry... I lacquer both ends to even the drying and prevent split ends 😎
  12. Jeanff

    Pretty Cool

    I think Warren showed up with cigar box guitar and strummed a tune on one of the earlier review with Rob & Smithy. Did I dream that?
  13. My argument is based on the assumption that once the embargo is lifted, importers would be likely to import cigars from Cuba in a similar fashion as they already do with cigars from other countries of origin and that a comparable tax pattern would apply. This opinion is based both on how Habanos are imported to all other countries and the extensive history of tobacco importation to the US from other countries. Unless a considerable markup is applied to Habanos by suppliers in the US to cash in on the newly available/highly desirable Habanos, one could expect prices closer to duty free than Canadian prices (state taxes notwithstanding, to be paid mostly on a self-declaration basis). Food for thought... Trust me, noboby does taxes like industrialized Commonwealth countries 😉

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