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  1. The seller has to be aware that opening the box to show the cigars' condition, if they were confident in the condition of the content, would likely bring additional money. My guess is they don't trust the quality of the content so prefer to gamble with finding someone willing to buy truly blind as opposed to risking stumbling upon shredded or dried out cigars (or worse) and not being able to interest anyone. They have multiple boxes... I'd wager they opened one and chose not to open any other box... 20$ just for the cool mystery box would be my offer, no more
  2. Following the old adage: You snooze, you lose
  3. tv is so passé, Ken needs his own onlyfans 🤑
  4. if feel like it's about time Ken gets to be famous
  5. My wife actually doesn't like her mother either so she doesn't see her often and typically goes by herself. She gets it. In exchange, my father doesn't have my wife's contact info. Fair deal 🤣
  6. I think the Perfect Draw provides the best result by screwing in, then pulling out 😂
  7. cigars is a hobby best accompanied by patience. As noted already, moisture changes within a cigar takes longer than it takes the air in a humidor to shift. Best of luck!
  8. ... Everybody had tried to tell him he shouldn't try and cook in his hotel room, we all tried to tell him not to leave the shower bonnet over the smoke detector....
  9. Thanks for the offer but I eventually smoked/gifted trough the lot. I'll know who to contact next time
  10. I aged the early production Picadores I bought five years to check whether they would come into their own and I must say, decent cigars but too mild for me. Cheers!
  11. Thanks for offering ZigZauer, nice timepieces, just not what I'm looking for right now. Cheers!
  12. Awesome! Not being too flashy is actually an important selection criteria for me Thank you all for your suggestions, I did take the time to look up current catalogues for all the suggested manufacturers, the options are endless. Glad I could count on this great community to educate me a bit on this subject. I visited my local independent shop and he deals with the brand, will see what price he can propose but he seemed confident on a deal. I will likely go with the 41mm, seems the best size for me when trying on a similar model in both sizes. Cheers!
  13. Thanks for the suggestion Fuzz, I may have found a fitting candidate 😅 Your opinions are welcome!

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