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  1. Infused or sweet tipped cigars... to each their own Rude or righteous people. Don’t have the patience 😥
  2. One box of Bolivar Tesoros because I haven’t tasted any yet. I guess that makes me a gambler 😬 Otherwise no sweat as all is insured. Would be an interesting process with the claim for sure 😂😬
  3. In one of the older Simpsons episodes, the townsfolks form a mob and go on destroying fossils and other science related item. Then Moe get crushed by a mammoth or dinosaur bone (can’t recall) he was bashing. He then says ‘I hope science can cure me’ classic 😉
  4. Upmann sir Winston. I’m a man or reasonable wants 😂
  5. Happy birthday Diana, best wishes for the special day 🎂🥂😺
  6. Chateau du Breuil xo is a staple in my humble abode. Nothing too sexy but hit the spot every time 😉
  7. Congratulations and cool name indeed!
  8. Ken, I assume your premise has to do with the classic expectation of church and associated staff being not for profit. That premise has always been optimistic at best...
  9. Coffee, cacao/chocolate and nuts flavoured liqueurs are a woman’s best friends... look up mudslide/white russian recipes, mix Kalhua and Frangelico or Amaretto (or both) with ice and milk (soy or other milk substitutes work) in a 1 to 2 booze to milk racio, dump in a cocktail cherry and slowly shift the blend towards a 1:1 ratio as numbness sets in. liquoring oneself up doesn’t have to be fussy 😂
  10. When my Zelda gets angry, I just start laughing a good belly laugh and I keep at it. Works consistently in de-escalating the non-issues of married life 😉
  11. Car parts stores will actually give you money for a dead car battery...
  12. Most people are not aware of how many billion dollars of monies paid by taxpayers are used every year to subsidize oil in North America...

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