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  1. Didn’t Jesus suggest to promptly turn the other cheek? (pun intended 😂)
  2. I find Mr Chase consistently interesting, thank you for sharing John!
  3. I struggle with smoky porters and can't do sours. I've tried many makes but prefer anything else 😉
  4. Jeanff

    Cuban sandwich

    Maybe ask for a tourist sandwich 😉
  5. Would it make sense that someone be stealing bands for fakes?
  6. Jeanff

    Laos - Vientiane

    Trip went well although they reported a denge fever wave so I stay put in the city. Ate well, met friendly people and had great drinks but nothing worth mentioning cigar wise. cheers!
  7. I used the app Maps Me last time. Fully off- line and quite practical
  8. Jeanff

    Daily Quotes

    I live in the Laurentians but also have a condo in Laval. Would be fun to organise some herf in the city sometimes...
  9. Behike are sold in boxes of 10 only... did it have a transparent lid?
  10. Jeanff

    Daily Quotes

    Where in Qc are you located Ponfed?
  11. Sir Winstons Mag50 HdM DC cab PSP2 Monte 1 P898 Punch punch Esplendidos RASS cab Fundies
  12. Jeanff

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Many thanks Lisa :)

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