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  1. Will also agree that they are great photos Jimmy. Your review makes me want to save up and buy a single! 10 for £uk180.00 more than $250. Pity is, that is mostly tax. I am just pleased that all that tax is going towards a good cause....... ..... getting the effin' banks out of schtuck. I will be so happy to eventually wave these shores goodbye. Hopefully, I will become a US resident in the not too distant future. My son has finally found his dream house which is in Austin, TX. The deal completes next month. Now all he has to do, is do the right thing by his good lady, thereby gaining c
  2. » » Here's one for Yossie: » » Yashimuro is a Japanese Cuban: » » » » Thanks mel! » I know there're some Japanese Cuban. What's the job of the guy? I'm so sorry, Yossie. I didn't think to ask.
  3. So tonight, well last night now, was the launch of the Magnum 50s and the Hoyo Epicure Especiale in London. No, no review as I wouldn't do them justice. Besides, I only smoked the Hoyo and some bastard nicked my Magnum. We were given one of each and the "special" to take home from H&F was an aged R&J, Prince of Wales from April '98 ESU. It was a nice evening weatherwise but having champers shoved down my throat from the outset, didn't do much for my photographic efforts. Billed as a Summer Cigar Party, there was the usual H&F hospitality of Cuban Band, a torcedor, champagne and
  4. » time for a smoke, now where did I put my chainsaw and flame thrower... » » .... can only be made in the US, no other country would ever do anything » like that, big and totally useless Not true, I'm afraid. This one's in Scandinavia, a bit nearer home:-D World’s largest cigar at the Tobacco and Matchstick Museum in Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden
  5. » » Tell her, if she would pose for me, she wouldn't have red eyes.
  6. Hi Jay, I also bought a very similar wine "fridge" The big problem I have is that my apartment is very small and gets very warm with an ambient temp of around 80F. It is a home for old folk and I can't set the heating to be any cooler. Now for some reason that I cannot understand, whenever I set the wine cabinet to run cool, the RH drops immediately and rapidly to well below ideal conditions. You cane see here 37' 64%. One of my digital hygrometers actually drops to ---%, that is off the scale! When the cooler is turned off and of course the temp rises to around 80' then the RH is very ste
  7. Blazer for me too. Never failed apart from first use, when it stopped working. Sent it back, it just needed slight adjustment and has been spot on every time since.
  8. » How do you guys fight against stained teethes? » I know We are brothers who have the trouble. » Because We smoke cigars so much! » I leave mine soaking in a glass overnight.
  9. » Did you get them from solo? That's where most people get fakes from in » Costa Rica. No Claudi, mustn't mention sources but maybe Rob'll let me off in this instance to protect others or he can delete with pleasure. I will abbreviate their company name. About us offer authentic Cuban Cigars like Cohiba cigars, Montecristo cigars, Partagas cigars and other brand Cuban Cigars for the best price you can find. RH S.A is a registered owner of Cuban license for legal distribution of original Cuban Cigars. We are direct distributor of Cimex S.A. (Cuban Cigar Company) and we can di
  10. » H. Upmann "Replica de Humidor Antiguo" » » » Was going to have it but decided against it after noticing the badly mismatched inlay on the mitred corner.:-D
  11. I'd like some of those that burst forth from the Librarian's tightly buttoned blouse.

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