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  1. 2016 capuletos. Had no intention of trying any of these, after being gifted one I am a fan. Thanks Z.
  2. I like his pyramides. And nice rich taste if you dont mind larger ring gage the sticks on the left are called Prince 58x6 very good smoke.
  3. How are these doing? I have not tried one in a while...
  4. My last Tres Petite Corona 06. So much cherry to these.
  5. I like a Lonsdale the most. I will go to a MAG 56 or such if the execution is top notch.I have also been told a blend like the 56 cannot be achieved in a smaller ring guage. A torpedo is a nice trade off and I enjoy most that are currently produced. Maybe someone can make a mouth piece to jam on these big jawbreakers?
  6. Same thing. Grabbing singles every week from the local shop. A lot of Fuente Anejo when available.
  7. Closed on our new house today. Celebrating with a 14 Sir Winston. Excellent smoke.
  8. I have 3. One with singles one for customs and one for overflow from the two wineadores and the Coleman cooler. They work great although I did add thicker weatherstripping. I don't recall any plastic scent when I set them up.
  9. Now : Monte 4 Boli PC lay down : HDM Du Prince RyJ Cazadores Aging: QDO Coronas PL petit corona
  10. Bengals finally make it to the Bowl! only to lose to the steelers. Browns most improved, they have a great coach! Wonder where he came from...
  11. Hoyo Palmas Extra, newbies and lightweights I know have enjoyed. Another friend who is a normal macanudo mild smoker enjoys a SLR Regios and the Serie A.
  12. Wow, three pages of whining about what sounds like vacation! Still no bar...

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