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  1. I can only hope that one day it will be fortuitous that I will destroy my (wine) label and brand to appease someone I will likely never meet or hates my wine anyway! Maybe not!
  2. I won;t post a link because last time I mentioned another cigar website here I caught a rash of scheisse, but I checked and you can get a Cab for just over $5k. And I thought $1k was too much when they came out!
  3. I don't think they're overrated, just too damn the ring gauge department. Why are all these high dollar new releases 52 rg or bigger? Because people won't spend the coin for a 42 rg? As much as I like the HDM Especial (or whatever) that is 55 rg? , it's not my go to. A corona or Partaga 898 is...because of flavor! If they took the Baseball bats (as Ken calls them) made 2 cigars out of them, they would make as much coin, or more, and I will bet a box Fundi's they taste better!
  4. FYI, The text on the new Ken site comes up gray, not black. I can't read it. Maybe check your html font. Oh well. Happy New year
  5. Have a Great Christmas down under! 2019 was a great year for CCs! Cheers!
  6. Wow!!! Are you in Oz? Alternate universe for me up here in NA. I have only had one "bad" Bolivar and that was a turd in a gold wrapper. All vitolas were always spot on in terms of construction and flavor. Ironically if I have a "Nemesis" brand it is Ramon Allones
  7. Ditto. The only "bad" Bolivar I ever had was the one with the gold wrapper around it, and I smoke them a lot!
  8. Recently did a quick inventory of my 2 large humidors and found that a 50 cab of Punch DC and 10 box of Cohiba Piramides contained sticks that were damaged. It appeared the ends on some of the cigars were frayed and the wrappers seemed to be disintegrating somehow. Appreciate if anyone who has had this occur to them can clue me in on whether its a humidor humidity issue or possibly a knock off characteristic. I do not believe I had purchased these boxes from FOH and no other boxes seem to have his issue!
  9. I gave some kid I met a CC...he told me he smoked Acid! I said, "I thought you smoke dope, and drop acid"!
  10. I have also gotten bubble gum! Not sure which cigar it was, just I know it was Cuban!

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