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  1. Recently did a quick inventory of my 2 large humidors and found that a 50 cab of Punch DC and 10 box of Cohiba Piramides contained sticks that were damaged. It appeared the ends on some of the cigars were frayed and the wrappers seemed to be disintegrating somehow. Appreciate if anyone who has had this occur to them can clue me in on whether its a humidor humidity issue or possibly a knock off characteristic. I do not believe I had purchased these boxes from FOH and no other boxes seem to have his issue!
  2. I gave some kid I met a CC...he told me he smoked Acid! I said, "I thought you smoke dope, and drop acid"!
  3. I have also gotten bubble gum! Not sure which cigar it was, just I know it was Cuban!
  4. Would I be breaking forum etiquette if I labeled your accusers "anus horriblus"?
  5. Spot On! I would LoL, but it is sad! My theory is that there are also a lot of interests in central American who will/are lobbying for the embargo to stay in place. I walk into a cigar store in the US and it's outrageous what they want for a cigar that doesn't hold a candle to the quality of CC tobacco!
  6. Nether in Dutch is Nieder in German. i.e. Niedersachsen is Lower Saxony in Germany. Paises Bajos is the Proper noun for Holland/Netherlands. Benelux RE is for Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg and they also have Belux RE cigars with Netherlands excepted.
  7. LoL! That's what I thought when I saw Ken's photo at the top of the thread!
  8. Paises bajos? Netherlands. Easy to get Spanish/Dutch/German confused! Where do I get a box!
  9. My theory is that these people who go on all these weird TV shows are looking for their 15 minutes of fame because they "peaked in high school". I'm sure P.T. Barnum said something apropos, I just can't remember it. Most people are too busy putting food on the table, raising kids, running a cigar business, etc.
  10. I would go onto a web site like ripoff report or cigar inspector and write what you wrote above

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