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  1. I'm not a fan of the robusto format for whatever reason. Does that make me strange? Great article though and nice article on the esplendidos if you click the link!...of which I am a huge fan! We should do a "competition" between Sir Winnies, Lusis, RyJ Churchills and Esplendidos. We may need an ambulance but I would be amazing!!
  2. LAR NOV 12 Yes, I remember Ken mentioning that on a review.
  3. Hmmm...that's why I put Bad Box in quotations. I have gotten mediocre to bad boxes in the past, (which is why I joined FOH) but this is a crime! Unsmokable LEs...not just poor flavour??!! Never heard that before!
  4. Ever have a box of CCs you've acquired that look perfect...but are not consumable? Unfortunately I acquired a dress box of ERDM Aniversario RE Asia Pacific (LAR 2012) some years ago. Beautiful dress box, perfect construction, over-sized (54 RG) and completely unsmokable. If I can remember the flavour they all taste like old half-burnt sycamore leaves that were pulled out of a fire pit and rolled up! I tried sampling them over the years just because I couldn't believe they were all that bad. just curious if anyone in the forum has had a similar experience!
  5. Hear, Hear! You're preaching to the choir, brother. A Don Alejandro sycophant, I am...but other than bogarting my stash, the only other avenue is Bond Roberts which is way over my budget!
  6. I'll take QDO coronas, La Flor de Cano PCs, and LGC #2s dammit. We don't need no more baseball bats.
  7. yes!...who makes a travel humidor out of PVC pipe? I agree with Kenny.
  8. So it's spelled correctly on the ribbon, but wrong on the box.
  9. I can only hope that one day it will be fortuitous that I will destroy my (wine) label and brand to appease someone I will likely never meet or hates my wine anyway! Maybe not!
  10. I won;t post a link because last time I mentioned another cigar website here I caught a rash of scheisse, but I checked and you can get a Cab for just over $5k. And I thought $1k was too much when they came out! Wow!!!How much in Dinar for a cab?
  11. I don't think they're overrated, just too damn the ring gauge department. Why are all these high dollar new releases 52 rg or bigger? Because people won't spend the coin for a 42 rg? As much as I like the HDM Especial (or whatever) that is 55 rg? , it's not my go to. A corona or Partaga 898 is...because of flavor! If they took the Baseball bats (as Ken calls them) made 2 cigars out of them, they would make as much coin, or more, and I will bet a box Fundi's they taste better!

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