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  1. Represent how? They have the classic RyJ profile. If the PC is on I always find it packs a little extra punch with the flavor, body and strength then RyJ usually does, but I find them a bit inconsistent. I like most cc with 3-6 years so I don’t know if I’m the right person to answer but I will say this, the PCs I smoked were heaven when they were 5 years old, really rich and complex, and if my aging knowledge isn’t of, they should exceed well beyond your 6 year limit. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  2. I just started experimenting with loosening up tightly drawn cigars. I find that it works if you cut them and then drybox them for a few days/up to a week. I think it depends how tight they are. Plugged ones doesn’t work at all. The so called difficult years (millennium period) seem to yelled better results with this technique then the fresh sticks do. I recently started putting the box in the fridge for a week to see if it helps loosening up the cigars even further, but I’ve only done it on 3-4 so far and only been able to make one of the sticks satisfiable to smoke. Maybe the others were to tight to begin with, I don’t know. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  3. Nico


    I had the same problem and did the same things you described... I also tried putting grinded coffee in mine and let it sit for a day or two, then replaced the coffee with newspaper and repeated. Nothing worked. Eventually I grew tired and left the plastic container opened in some corner and forgot about it for a couple of weeks. Eventually I also grew tired of having zero space in my other tupperdor so I pulled out the new/failed one from the corner, rinsed it again and the plastic smell had decreased quite a bit but was still there, so I put some really cheap cigars and empty boxes in it and left it for about a week maybe. After that it was completely gone. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  4. I completely understand. I sold 4 limited edition NCs to a guy recently. I don’t think you can buy them in shops anymore so I could’ve probably made a little profit if I wanted to, especially since I also bought them at a discount, but I sold them for the same price I bought them for. Figured I add some karma to my account. But I would also be pissed if I saw him selling them to make a profit. I think most people would. But I have to say I don’t understand how one would look at cigars different if they sold some. The guy I sold those 4 NCs to was because he asked if anyone had them which I did, and since I didn’t enjoy them all that much and have somewhat of a financial crisis at the moment I thought it was a good opportunity.
  5. I’ve only tried one of each of HdM and RyJ and they were not good at all, but the upmann blew me away. Not the typical upmann DNA, just like the other vitolas to the respective marcas. The flavor reminded me of cinnamon buns. Construction wise it seems to have some issues though according to a Facebook group I’m in like wrappers falling of etc. Mine started to tunnel the last 3rd and the other one had a tight draw so I haven’t smoked it yet. First impression flavorwise, it was a really good one, not just compared to the RyJ and HdM, but overall as well. I’m very interested to see how other people react to upmann añejados. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  6. I love that! “If you work hard enough I’ll give you one”. How old were you at the time? My story goes like this. It was summer, no school and all play. Me and my friend were 16 at the time and was curious about smoking in general. We smoked some cigarettes, ****** and a 5pack of Vasco da gama cigars. The cigars weren’t that good but we couldn’t compare it to anything, obviously. We bought a couple of more reitmeister-ish cigars and felt like Kramer or some mafia boss and had our fun. Then my friend had a older friend of legal age who bought some RyJ MF in a real cigar shop and when I smoked it it was a like opening a new door. I remember to this day (10 years ago) the aroma. It was intoxicating. Like some sort of epifani fell upon me. Next summer when I was 17 me and my friend smoked another handful of cigars and although some tasted better then others I knew this was something I wanted to do from time to time. I mean, It tasted good and made me happy. The day after I turned 18 I went into a cigar shop and bought my first humidor, a monte2 and a RyJ Churchill, and the rest is history. I kept stacking up on different cubans when I had some money to spend and do to this day. The only thing I regret is wasting 1 day before buying the humidor [emoji6]. But hey, some get into this hobby when they’re 30 or 40+ of age so I count myself lucky I found this hobby so young. Okaaay, one word there got censored for some reason. Wired if you ask me but I respect it. All I can say is that it wasn’t weed or anything illegal. Just another form of tobacco. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  7. I just bought a partial box of cohiba siglo 3 from -08 that had the most intoxicating smell. It was really unbelievable, especially since it’s almost 10 years old. The only other time I can remember was when I bought some Cohiba PE tubos from -13 earlier this year. As son as I opened the tube it let out such a strong smell it was literally all over the room, it was almost a stench. Maybe it’s my imagination but I found some scratches where the tube closes (see pic) and I think the tube was so tightly sealed no aroma whatsoever could escape until I actually opened it. Although, when I opened it now it wasn’t as strong as it was 6 months ago. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  8. I remember pretty vividly that the cohiba GR went for 950-1000 swedish kronor which is about 100 US$ (usually one dollar is 9-9,50 kronor). From what I’ve seen the different reservas and GR have pretty much the same price around world so $100 can’t be that far of. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  9. Nico

    FB cigar groups selling vintage cohibas

    My take on buying vintage cohiba or other rare cigars (like the millennium jars, davidoff etc) is to buy from people who are somewhat known in the cigar community in the country you live in. People who have personal friends there are not likely to put their reputation on the line and risk friendships in said community for a couple of hundred dollars. Regarding the question about people who have these rare cigars that are hard, or even impossible to find as a sole reason to be suspicious I have to agree that it’s reason in itself to check extra carefully. But I also disagree at the same time because I’m most certain that there are many people who actually have these rare cigars and “want” to sell them for several reasons. Maybe it’s purely financial, the wife is forcing them, or maybe they just lost interest in cigars, or some other reason. Some people rather have the money instead of enjoying these rare sticks. Personally, if I had a 25box of 93 cohibas that I bought during one of my cigar-psychosis I would probably sell 15-20 now and keep the rest to myself and use the money to buy furniture for my new apartment. I think far from all people who have these rare sticks are wealthy and have more or less made some financial sacrifices to get them. And maybe they made these sacrifices many years ago when the price wasn’t as high as it is today, when they weren’t as rare as they are now, or when they had more money then they have now. I don’t know. This rambling was just my spontaneous thought when I read this topic. I will finish my post by quoting shlomo who made a good point. “Facebook cigar groups, in general, are full of scumbags, gougers, flippers, profiteers, fakes and thieves”. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  10. My first reaction was LOL [emoji23] A hybrid of GR and EL that's sold as a regional. But when I let it sink in I would really want to try it if HSA made a real one, is that just me? [emoji14] Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  11. What!? I tried my fair share of cigars that's been discontinued these last 10 years and I think many, but far from all of course, have been good to great. And from time to time threads come up where people express their love and heartbreak for some of these discontinued babies. I think it there's more reasons then "bad" as to why HSA has discontinued these cigars. There are quite a few things that doesn't do well in this world but that doesn't mean they're bad. Movies for example that have been box office bombs that gained a (large) cult following to name one thing. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  12. 3 years old and already mansplaining! [emoji38] Seriously, this was funny as hell, thanks for sharing! Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  13. I'm just glad that the king gets a new vitola. I usually don't smoke anything over 52 but the montesco is on some streak or something. The bolivar and Juan Lopez are very nice imo. But I will let the reviews speak before I'm spending my own money. If it's horrible, I'll probably pass. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  14. apparently the tsa is doing a horrible job. Seems like they're there to scare people from smuggling stuff and to put on show so you feel safe when you're flying. I remember one time at a Chicago airport when I was waiting in line and a tsa agent came up to me and tried to hand me one of these (dont know what they're called in English) it had some card hanging from it to. She just walked up to me and was just like "here, take it" and I just replied "ehh, no thanks" and tried to ignore her, mostly because it was such random and strange encounter, and the last thing I want is trouble at an US airport. Anyway, she insists and insists and eventually I try to ask her what that thing is and what she wants me to do with it and she barley answers. Just something like "give it to the guy behind the counter over there, that's all". After several minutes I take damn thing and she leaves and I just throw it in the nearest garbage can. Even if she was wearing a uniform I don't want to leave some random thing to security that a random person gave me. Looking back though I think they were measuring the time people stood in line or something. But the whole encounter was more like when a homeless person tries to give you a newspaper in the subway "here just take it, only 3 dollars". If you search through the internet and YouTube you'll find all kind of strange encounters, all the way from an agent refusing to manually inspect breast milk and insists taking it in the x-ray (even tho it says clearly that you can request such service) to searching a persons luggage for bitcoins (that has to be the most insane stories I've heard of yet). From the stories I've read they remind me of the security guards in the malls we have here in Sweden... Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  15. Nico

    Dry Boxing

    I almost never dry box mostly because I'm not a regular smoker I don't really plan what to smoke beforehand. I'm one of those who goes from one every day a week or two and then down to a complete cigar-celibacy for 2-3 months. But I dry box sometimes if I'm able to plan a little. I put the cigar in a lunchbox and let it rest for 4-6 days. I usually dry box a stick if the last one tasted a little muted or just "off" and it usually helps. What I discovered the last year or so is that the cigars that have a thicker wrapper usually benefits from this. Not exclusively but usually. The ELs and some of these NCs with a Connecticut broadleaf wrappers are a good example when I think dry box will benefit. Not just flavors but but usually construction as well. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk

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