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  1. Too bad. I know it’s not the same feeling with vape and cigarettes. It is a transition period to go from cigs to vape but if you hang in there it’s so worth it. When I made the transition it was hard but now cigs really disgust me. All I want is my vape. I also feel better in my lungs and mouth. I don’t have that disgusting feeling anymore.
  2. I love them as well. For me it’s the evolution. From the beginning when you light the tip, you get a glimpse of what the cigar is gonna be like. It’s kind of like forplay. Then you get to the thickest part and it’s like BOOM!! All the flavors come thru. It’s like an orchestra where you only hear the violin and the drums and then suddenly, the whole orchestra is playing. And let’s not forget the evolution. Since it’s cone shaped, the filler/wrapper ratio changes in the course of smoking and it’s a really unique kind of evolution that you can’t get in a parejo. Yeah, I love them. To bad they’re
  3. Have you tried vaping instead of cigarettes? I highly recommend it for people who doesn’t want to give up nicotine but want to be a little healthier.
  4. Tell me about it! The humidor market here in Europe is embarrassing.
  5. I could never thank Alex and Trevor enough. Without CCW I don’t know where I would be. Probably lost as hell in the CC world.
  6. Nice. I wouldn’t mind moving to denmark. Or Åland.
  7. Welcome! Nice to see more more Scandinavian people. Which part are you from? I’m from Stockholm, Sweden.
  8. Hmm.. it doesn’t show up on Tapatalk but shows up on the web version. Problem solved. Thanks guys!
  9. Don’t want to seem dumb but I remember there was one, but I can’t find it. I’m feeling the urge to splurge... Btw, had no idea where to put this thread. Sorry.
  10. I can imagine that it changes if they’re rolling out a cigar over a period of 3 years. My concern is that I never heard of a limited edition being released over a period of 3 years. They have maybe one or two different years stamped on them. But 3 years..? I don’t know, I feel this question (concern) is falling outside of my so called knowledge of cubans. Edit: If it was stamped 2017 but with a different factory code I wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow. It’s more the year that bugs me. Like I said above, rolling out a limited edition on a 3 year period is something I never heard of.
  11. I have maybe 300 cigars, have no idea how long it will take to smoke all of them but maybe 4 years? I’m far from done with buying cigars. I still feel like I’m swimming in the kids pool as far as my stock goes. I recently declared to myself that this year I will focus on buying (and smoking) more CC. Especially with the hot streak HSA have at the moment. There’s one open box of partagas from 2014 for sale that I have to get my hands on and then I’m going to purchase every box from El prez. [emoji4]
  12. Forgot to check on HSA verification website but I can’t see any characters at the bottom “enter the characters displayed below.”
  13. Seriously, I don’t want to seem like I’m pulling it out my behind but I remember it was LGR from the Swedish retailer but didn’t say anything because I wasn’t 95% sure. But now I’m sure which isn’t good... I mean, don’t get me wrong, everything appears to be legit like you said (I wasn’t sure because I haven’t bought so many boxes yet) but this box code really bugs the shit outta me. It doesn’t help that it’s RAT either since it seems that the code have some issues. Also, the smell is fantastic, I’ve never smelled anything like it.. And when I check the construction it is a little uneven which
  14. Okay, so this is a tricky one (for me anyway) so I have to ask you guys for help. I bought a box Gran Quixote stamped RAT NOV20. According to CCW the cigar was released “A 2017 release. Released December 2018”. I distinctly remember a Swedish retailer selling these with the year 17 on it. Can’t remember month or code though, but I know 100% it wasn’t RAT. Although it could be released over a period of time (the box number indicates this), isn’t the period a little to long? I’m completely stund by this and although I know I may be seen as paranoid, I can’t rest until I at least get a secon

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