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  1. To be fair, the añejados have the old band and tube. ;-).
  2. With those bands I leave them on and smoke through them, like a true alpha [emoji123]. With regular bands I leave them on the first quarter. Mostly because I want to snap a picture for my journal. After that I take the band of. The band I always positioned in the place where I’m holding the cigar, and I don’t like the feeling of the paper. I much rather feel the texture of the cigar itself.
  3. Just thought I’d share some info. One vendor here in Sweden just got them. Price is 179 SEK (18,48 USD) One other vendor have them listed to arrive “by the end of the week”. 155 SEK (16 USD) Both of them say they only get “a few”. Which is equal to 1-2 boxes. Maybe it’s just a initial shipment and they have a larger one on the way at a later date, I don’t know. Based on other posts i guess they’re hitting the shelves all around the world now, more or less.
  4. I hope it delivers but based on my experience and one other review from this site, I doubt it. The other review was similar to mine... I also couldn’t find any other review on the internet which is a little strange. Maybe that says something about this cigar... I know it’s not my fault but I feel embarrassed to post the review because it’s so poor, but there was literally nothing to say about it. I was looking forward to participate and write a decent rewiew for the competition. Oh well, next time.
  5. Pairing it with a glass of Un Jour from 2009. Really good btw. First puffs: Ceder and dry Wood with a touch of raspberry. There isnt really a third anywhere. The cigar has zero evolution and stays the same all the way through with the flavor. The body and flavor gets a little more intense in the last third but that’s about it. I’ll give it a 79, mostly because it was really monotone and somewhat anticlimactic. If it had some type of journey through out the cigar I would give it a 85 or something. The regular cedros de luxe isn’t really exiting either when I think about it and they remind me of the lcdh version. I’ll spend my coin on Ex.4, the churchill line, PC, beli and belvederes. Edit: Forgot the pictures.
  6. How can one actually claim, with or without certainty, if a cigar actually will improve with age or not?
  7. Thank god, I managed to prepare on time this time. Gonna review a cedros de luxe LCDH..
  8. I experimented with this several years ago. I had two of each: Boli RC, RyJ PC, and a third one I can’t remember. Smoked one of each where I didn’t purge and one where I did. I purged the around the beginning of the 2/3 and the 1st half, and again during the last quarter. One of these duos didn’t make a difference, but the other two duos I noticed the purged ones responded better in terms of flavor. It was like the flavors got muddled/muted/less pronounced when I didn’t purge. And the last quarter got really harsh on all three samples in the non purged ones. From that day I purge all my cigars two times, and even a third time if the cigar is longer. My only exception is petit robustos where I only purge once around halfway in. I think it also helps when the cigar has construction problems like canoeing, moderate tunneling or other issues. I find purging helps more then trying to correct it with a lighter anyway. Interesting that people have the opposite experience from mine in terms of flavor. Makes me question my experiment because it was like 5-6 years ago I conducted it.
  9. We can only hope. My guess it will be regular robusto, maybe they’ll add 1 or 2 cm to it, or it will be the lovely montesco ;-). Yes, I’m cynical..
  10. Oh yes! The aristocrat is a hidden gem for sure. They could charge me twice as much and I would still buy it. I remember several years ago when I first discovered it. After trying it I gifted one to two of my friends on separate occasions. They aren’t geeks like us but they’re not clueless either, and they like partagas. I give them one and just said the same thing “try this one and tell me what you think. I’ll tell you later about the cigar. I just want you to try it first”. They really liked it. Afterwards I tell them the price and age (I think it was 11 & 14 month old when they smoked it). They were very impressed to say the least. None of them could believe that something so cheap could taste so good. We all have our preferences but I knew it was a solid cigar when both of them reacted the same way I did.
  11. Interesting that so many people said montecristo so far. I never liked monte either and thought I was weird for not liking it. Although I actually like the espies no2. My problem isn’t that I don’t like the flavor, because I do, but I always find the flavors to be muted. Same goes for San cristobal and VR. Brands where I simply don’t like flavor has to be diplo and LGC. Diplo has weird taste and LGC is just earthy. Reminds me of the earth in bolivar but without anything else in it.
  12. Bolivar tubos no2 isn’t labeled petit corona in the factory name, it’s labeled marevas according to CCW. I haven’t smoked the boli no2 in the last 2 years or so but my memory tells me it wasn’t like the punch coronations, mille fleur, romeo no2 in terms of quality.
  13. I feel pretty lonely about liking the RyJ PC. With a few years on it I think it’s a real winner. With the exception of short, wide and the regular Churchill, RyJ as a marca doesn’t get much love in general among enthusiasts imo. It always crosses my mind every time I light one up. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk

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