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  1. I have my own humidor guard 😎 His name is (King) Ymer. In the nordic mythology Ymer was a giant. He likes cigars, during the summer I put a cigar on the table outside while I was getting a drink. When I came back out the cigar was gone...I saw that Ymer was up to something in the bushes, the cigar was full of bite marks. He was rather strange for a while after that (nicotine?) 🤣 However, he is a real champ and a true companion, very active and always up to something
  2. Hi there! I'm a epicurean from south of Sweden. When I grew up my grandfather always smoked cigars and I never forget the aromas. So it was kind of natural to carry on the tradition. In my humidor there's only room for cubans One of the best moments in life is one free hour of time, a cigar, a cup of coffee and a cognac, you don't need more than that to feel good Take care and see you!

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