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  1. Catch a boat ride to Ko Phi Phi and hang out there for a few days. Absolutely stunning views!
  2. My guess is they're hoarding them to sell at a grossly inflated price to America when they can start shipping there.
  3. I've been avoiding FoH because my heart breaks every time I do the currency conversion. I will remain ignorantly optimistic for a bounce back to near-par but I'm not holding my breath...
  4. A couple of my favourites: Zino Platinum Scepter Robusto Any Padron Maduro, specifically the 1964 Diplomatico Churchill
  5. My house is a bit older and I have a hell of a time keeping it at a stable temperature. My typical fluctuations are between 65-69 degrees but it can be as wide as 60-70. My ideal solution is to get a new thermostat in there as I suspect that is the issue. In the meantime, I'm curious to know...what is an acceptable fluctuation of temperature in a single day?
  6. What a pleasant thread. I'm not married but I have a wonderful woman in my life that is extremely supportive of everything I do. She noticed I'm always watching FoH video reviews and took it upon herself to secretly reach out to Prez and have him email me a happy birthday note this year. How cool is that?
  7. Damn. Montreal is ruthlessly cold that time of year! I say get a hotel that's REALLY close to Stogies and camp out there
  8. Just make sure you check out Old Montreal. Absolutely stunning architecture and always something interesting to see/do. Grab a couple Bixi bikes (rental bicycles) if it's not too cold and take a tour around the city. Montreal is VERY bicycle friendly and possibly the best way to get around.
  9. Nice hotel, 2 minute walk from Stogies: Lowes Hotel Vogue Nice hotel, close to Stogies, a bit pricier: Le Crystal (Across from the Bell Centre). Talk to Zoe Pelletier if you decide to go here. Cheap option, european style, not as good for groups: Celebrities
  10. That thing is ridiculous. No cigar envy for that one

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