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  1. I actually don't like this show, but this episode is genius! I laughed just looking at the still frame
  2. Ray, c'mon over next time. I'll give you a lancero to kick your wounds.
  3. welcome from santa Clarita. what do you like to smoke Blake?
  4. Kawhi Leonard > Demar Derozan
  5. Don't you love it when your team honors your choice of cigar with a win? LAL 114 - MIN 110. Made my Cohiba worth it.
  6. you know I actually don't know the name of the restaurant. When I smoke at the LCDH, I just tell the bar tender and they bring the food in. nothing better than a meal with my smoke
  7. Btw when you go to Melia havana get to get Yolanda's customs order the orange chicken. So delicious
  8. something like that. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  9. Honest question, and all I'd be comfortable saying is that I trust my source. Sorry if I'm dodging the question
  10. I had gotten a bundle from RYJ factory the first week of October. I wasn't in love but I could see potential with age. But everyone that smoked it loved it. At ~$20 a stick worth the buy, and RYJ's with age always have a resale market.
  11. don't want to break up my boxes just yet but i'm sure I won't resist too long. I'll let you know.
  12. Where are PCC events? i'm in Los Angeles, but would love to go.

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