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  1. Haven't bought much lately but I was gifted a 5 box of Partagas Serie E #2 MUR FEB13. I haven't had a PSE2 and as the weather starts to dip (we got 20cm of snow) I might hold off until the right moment comes around. Anyone give me some insight on the box code and date? Are they smoking good now or is there still an upside to them?
  2. Enjoyed a Cohiba 1966 tonight and gave my friend a Upmann 2 LUB MAY14. Great evening with a good friend, enjoyed reminiscing about days past and our future. I paired the 1966 with a Three Eyed Raven (beer). Good pairing as the two complimented each other nicely. This was a mini celebration for his birthday and myself becoming a CPA.
  3. Great review John, I bought 2 boxes of LUB MAY14, one to rest longer term and one to enjoy over the next year or two. So far I have been really impressed with the flavours and taste these provide. I have one JUN13 HU2 that I find is doesnt have those harsh edges so my hope for the LUB boxes are going to be phenomenal by next summer and beyond.
  4. I smoked a Bolivar PC ULA JUN14 and the aroma coming off was exactly how you described a perfume floral blend that was something different. Not every cigar in the box has provided me with those notes but this one sure hit the right chords on a Sunday morning.
  5. 57 - almost there.. Curious about the extent of the trading sub forum. I have had a bad experiences in trading elsewhere which has had me quite weary ever since. My very first trade I was gifted beetles, haven't traded since.
  6. From what I've read these should be interesting to try!
  7. Very informative review, I enjoyed reading it. Can't wait to try one of these!
  8. Time got away from me this weekend, as I was busy hanging out with the little one and spending time with my wife. I usually enjoy 2-4 cigars a weekend but didn't have the time. This morning the sun was shining so I grabbed the dogs and took them to play fetch while the little one took her morning nap. I grabbed an El Principe, I can't get enough of these things and I am now half way through a box in just a couple months. Draw was perfect, haven't had any issues in the entire box. The foot smelled of barnyard with a touch of pepper. The first third I was blasted with cocoa-y goodness and some subtle earthy flavours throughout. The second third shifted slightly to a more sweet cocoa reminiscent of milk chocolate with some cedar/wood notes combining to make a great pairing with my morning coffee. The last third changes entirely and offers up pepper, leather, and tobacco. The final thirds flavours are strong and pronounced and they meld with the lingering sweet cocoa flavours provided in the first/second third. I would like to know what they will change into after a few years but the temptation is too great. Hope everyone's weekend was great. Cheers,
  9. PSP Hoyo Epi2 (RAE ABR15). Just received these last week got, great so far!
  10. Great review John! As you and I have discussed these little gems are smoking beautifully.
  11. Hoyo Epi2 this morning, picked up a PSP box from our host RAE ABR15. Had some lighter troubles this morning which hindered my experience but overall very satisfied, can't wait to try another! For those wondering, sun was bright and I couldn't see torch flame. I just got my Maxijet back from service and the adjuster doesn't line up as before, turns out it was nearly full flame... Ah well lesson learned.
  12. 3 cigar day on Sunday for me, weather was great for it. Enjoyed this Party Short on an afternoon walk with my daughter.
  13. Upmann 2 (LUB MAY14) - enjoyed this one while watching Cigars: The Heart and Soul of Cuba. Nice and relaxing evening after a hectic day.

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