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  1. RijkdeGooier

    Whats your setup?

    My stock is housed in various humidors, lockers at various LCdH’s and large airtight locked aluminimum storage containers. Humidified both active and passive as is appropriate for the storage. I might have lost track of the amount of cigars. Just realised I have 11 keys for my cigar storage😀😀
  2. Enjoy the trip @JohnS. I assume billboards will anounce your presence👍
  3. Horrible for the Brazilians left without care (and there will be no replacements soon) but in the end Cuba decided to recall them. Maybe they have a better deal lined up someplace else? The Cuban doctors won’t be pleased either - they might get sent to Venezuela instead😈
  4. Good strong but, for now, lacking depth. We are of the opinion they have potential to develop nicely. Smoked last Friday with the crew.
  5. 2003 Don Alejandro with perfect wrappers The Rosado going on Maduro wrapper is visually stunning and paires well with the fantastic mellow blend of cacao, black coffee, caramel, pepper and earthiness of this cigar. I consider myself lucky to have these monumental sticks in my collection.
  6. RijkdeGooier

    What's your plugged cigar rate?

    Very very low. Well below 5%
  7. To my understanding the embargo was installed by Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis. This was to show Cuba and others that there are very serious and large ramifications should one allow ones territory to be used as a launch platform for Russian nuclear missiles capable of striking anywhere in the US within minutes (Miami) to hours. The belligerent Cuban regime has not backed down from it’s chosen path of repression of its own people and aggression against the US. It has sent its people into wars across the continents under the banner of socialism and revolution. Cuba is still sending its people in ‘brigades sociales’ to support socialist regimes like Maduro (who wages war on his own people). That is their choice but it comes at a cost to them. The real victims here are the Cuban people who remain opressed, are left with very limited opportunities and see little in the way of progress over the years and whose lives are miserable. The embargo does contribute to it but let’s not forget that by their own actions the Cuban government has brought this on themselves. I also believe that should the embargo be revoked tomorrow, that it would make little difference in the way the power dynamic on the island would work. Those in power would still cling to it by any means necessary and syphon off any extra gains to the economic activity for military and personal use, leaving the population at large in the same difficult circumstances. Do not forget that Cuba is not a socialist country (look towards the EU for examples of that) but a ruthless dictatorship. Image the damage they could do if their actions didn’t have consequences (missile crisis, angola, el salvador, venezuela, nicaragua) and their economic development wasn’t somewhat influenced. As a final point, please don’t think the embargo is responsible for a food crisis. The cubans can feed themselves, but on my recent visit I have encountered many fallow fields where crops could be grown. Also in the cities hardly anybody has a vegetable patch in their yards or on their balconies and neither are vacant lots used to produce food. So much unused farmland is not an effect of the embargo, yet Cubans complain about the price of their vegetales on the open market.
  8. You can bring in lighters, cutters and gas in your checked luggage. Bring a powerstrip and a suitable adapter to charge all devices at once. If you are noise sensitive bring earplugs
  9. RijkdeGooier

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Last Friday
  10. RijkdeGooier

    Happy birthday Andy

    Happy B-day here as well Mr Ryan👍
  11. RijkdeGooier

    Going through the grades

    On RASS the good rosado sticks give a fantastic chance for the blend to shine when smoked with 5+ years The stick (from 2012) below became much more fruity, towards RyJ almost.
  12. Maybe @El Presidente should smoke all sticks before grading them?
  13. As an avid smoker of HUpmann Mag46 these came into my possesion. Both clearly Mag46 and the darker wrapper noticeably stronger and earthy 😀 I’d say the difference was around 11.78%

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