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  1. For me, the more complex flavours come out at around 10 years but older is even better 😀😀
  2. I agree on the Connie B being a good cigar, at least the boxes I’ve sampled but 03 SW? The 03 SW are some of my best and those I have left are on the once-a-year list.
  3. The new ones aren’t to my liking. The old Especiales though
  4. Yeah they do go quickly. Just buy a few extra boxes and pretty soon you’ll be able to smoke from 4/5 year old boxes.
  5. Small go-to that hardly ever dissapoints Opened a new box of H.Upmann Half Corona with 4+ years on them. Love them with coffee Smell a cru: strong black tobacco Draw: excellent Taste: 1. Shortbread 2. Black Pepper 3. Black Tobacco It was a strong smoke but the new edge had gone, leaving only nicely matured tobacco Solid 8/10
  6. Punch Punch from a Cab50 dated 2007. The Ashes. Vitola: Corona Gorda Smoking time: 1:15 Construction, draw and burn were excellent. Smooth, medium to full cigar. The Corona Gorda is one of my favorite sizes, as it provides you with enough time to smoke but not the big bocueta's that a Robusto provides. This Punch Punch was already good, but had still retained some terroir, masking some of those fruity flavors that come out when they are properly aged. It was good with terrior, leather and some pepper, sweet fruity and nutty notes on the retrohale. A good interchange of tastes throughout the cigar. Verdict: 8.0/10 Though already good I know that they get even better with age, loosing some of the bite and bringing the fruit to the fore.
  7. 803 a pound - 454 g 1 cup is 10g - 45 cups from a pound 45 x 75 = 3375. A nice markup
  8. And to install nuclear missiles in the Sierra Maestra. Their new base will be named new Formosa 😀😀
  9. A day of strong smokes. Started with the CR from Milagros at the Hotel Nacional (below) and continued with the deceptively slim powerhouses from La Escepcion. A day of good smoking👍
  10. De gustibus et coloribus non disputandem est. As old as Rome (or maybe older)
  11. To the point. Just try a few of your favorites at various ages. Anything up to 4 years should be available somewhere.

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