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  1. RijkdeGooier

    Going through the grades

    On RASS the good rosado sticks give a fantastic chance for the blend to shine when smoked with 5+ years The stick (from 2012) below became much more fruity, towards RyJ almost.
  2. Maybe @El Presidente should smoke all sticks before grading them?
  3. As an avid smoker of HUpmann Mag46 these came into my possesion. Both clearly Mag46 and the darker wrapper noticeably stronger and earthy 😀 I’d say the difference was around 11.78%
  4. Many people, myself included, seem to think the Monte 4 is worth a visit. As far as I know the Monte 4 is the best selling Cuban cigar world-wide from amongst the premium marcas. Given the volume produced it is important to get a good box, since quality can vary across vendors
  5. For me: PLPC - 5 years plus BPC - 3 years plus Monte 4 - now but much better 5 years plus
  6. RijkdeGooier

    30 year Anniversary after party

  7. RijkdeGooier

    Need a Taco

    Are we talking about the RyJ Tacos or Capuletos here? The subject in this thread is the newer Tacos. From the posts from Rob it seems he hasn’t offered them yet and is looking for membership feedback from those who have smoked them.
  8. Yes but please keep in mind that these are only my personal opinions on cigars with which I don’t consider myself very experienced. I will try to do a side-by-side if time allows for it with detailed notes.
  9. RijkdeGooier

    Need a Taco

    Those are still diesel sticks (the one I smoked) and not true to format either https://www.cubancigarwebsite.com/cigar/list?factorynames=tacos They remind me of the Duke - which turned into a very fine smoke in 3-4 years. I’d expect similar with these.
  10. From the ones I've smoked; I'd say about equal in quality but different in flavor profile if that makes any sense. The A's are more in line with the Sir Winstons (more typical HUpmann shortbread) whereas the B's are more of a heavier version of the Mag50 (more earthy but still creamy). As per usual, this reflects my own limited experience. If this holds true for all boxes and all productions locations or years I cannot say of course.
  11. We must have been smoking from different boxes. The boxes I've smoked from where very full flavored and rich (gave me a bit of a rush actually) and displayed none of the youthfull edge some young cigars display. Who knows, maybe they still need to even out the mix?
  12. You do know that the tower in Trinidad is also hollow inside right?
  13. Another full bodied smoke for me would be the Montecristo No.2, especially those 1998 and older
  14. RijkdeGooier

    Petit Robusto V Corona

    I agree with @BrightonCorgi that the corona ring gauges in all it's variations is a better fit for the tabacco. As an example, take the difference between a #1 (corona gorda rg46) and a #2 (robusto rg50) for both the Hoyo and the JL marcas Generally speaking in my experience the #1 offers a more concentrated more intense and sharper smoke while the #2 offers a softer smoke with full flavor. Both cigars seem to vary little in tabacco used, but it brings out the difference in balance and it's effects. Obviously the Rg50 and up are both more cost-effective (more volado) and much easier to smoke so maybe that explains their popularity both in the manufacturers portfolio and the smoking community,
  15. I concur with ElPrez. Many variables to consider. However those few cigars that I had the pleasure to smoke that were pre-1998 with the original Corojo tabacco where a lot stronger (when compared with a direct descendend) than the same cigar of more recent vintage.

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