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  1. By choice one might add 😀
  2. RijkdeGooier

    Which two boxes?

    Milagro is a good profesional roller with 40+ years of experience in the industry. As always the quality of her rolls a dependent upon the materia prima (tabaco) she has available. While taste is subjective I have enjoyed her rolls.
  3. The Cuban military machine props up Venezuelan and Nicaraguan regimes. The Venezuelans have always footed the bill since Chavez. With Venezuela falling to support the other two, expect big changes in Nicaragua and after that in Cuba, unless China steps in.
  4. A few from the famed Laguito no.1 format A line sadly thinned out Vegueros ERDM Cohiba old band Monsdale Partagas Punch Montecristo Davidoff
  5. RijkdeGooier

    Box press

    This is what I do with the PShorts and RASS, I repack them losely in 50Cabs then store them for aging. Come smoking time, presto, a round cigar.
  6. RijkdeGooier

    Gamechanger Releases

    1. HUHC 2. The Cohiba Seleccion Reserva 2003 was at the time a very expensive box
  7. RijkdeGooier

    LEs - pricing and value

    As with all things it depends. They have mostly been blended on the stronger side, so they tend to beneft from a nap. Currently smoking my HdM 2007 Regalos and RA 2011 Allones Extra and those pretty good ATM. I guess I smoke one or two to jusge their potential and them buy them and age them, checking in after 5 years to see how they have developed and if my initial assesment was correct. If my friends tell me they have come around sooner, I might move the box opening forward.
  8. HUHC are already good young for me. The MHC needs a bit more down time. Prefer Monte #5 over them as they are more concentrated
  9. This must be an exclusive one-off release. Rumor has it, it was released on 01/04/18.
  10. Like with regular cigars. Do you trust your seller. There is no way to check on the veracity of custom rolls.
  11. RijkdeGooier

    REAL short smoke?

    And if you have even less time, take a whiff of a package from your favorite cigars 😀😀
  12. RijkdeGooier

    REAL short smoke?

    The half cups take me about 30 mins The small shortfillers (Cohiba, Partagas or Monte) take between 10-15 mins

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