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  1. RijkdeGooier

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A little young but showing promise another Book Seleccion Solid 2,5 hours smoke https://www.instagram.com/p/BwMJ4DqHgDH/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=4di7o1k0hr9e
  2. I changed over to Electric last year. Granted distances are relatively modest here but it drives wonderful and so far range anxiety hasn’t been an issue. Power is instantaneous like a video game. Never going back to petrol.
  3. I am lucky enough that I actually get to smoke from both periods. The Pre-Rev I’ve smoked range from still remarkbly strong Maduro type to lighter tea. The 80’s - 90’s are still fantastic, full flavored old tobacco sticks. Which reminds me to dip into my Hoyo DC stock 😀
  4. Late eighties, early nineties produced spectacular cigars.
  5. Alexandre Dumas latest book
  6. Slowly light with soft flame Then cut
  7. RijkdeGooier

    Help! Cuba!

    Question is do you like music, drinking and are you any good at dancing? If not book two single rooms 😀
  8. RijkdeGooier

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    No Book Edicion Cigar this week but a 1991 gem with the mates at LCdH Almere
  9. Just unearthed a few Punch Selecion No.1 box code SUA MAR 02. Will post a review this weekend 😀
  10. Currently... Monte 1975, Davidoff 1980. The really old stuff I’ve smoked was interbellum pre-embargo stuff.
  11. RijkdeGooier

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Another quality cigar. This one a RyJ Fabuloso No.2 from the Book Collection 2016 What can I say. This is RyJ at tis finest with full flavored stone fruit and some with pepper in a very redined mix. Next week hopefully a Montecristo Gran Pyramides.
  12. RijkdeGooier

    Your best cigar of March 2019?

    My best of Marxh 2019 was the Hoyo Maravilla from the Book Edicion 2015. A fantastic cigar
  13. RijkdeGooier

    Aged Cardboard Packs ....Opinion

    It really depends on the storage as with all cigars. I’ve had mostly good experiences n
  14. Cuba - Santiago airport tax free RyJ Churhills in Tubos. Some of the cigars were switched out for fakes. FB - the scam where a ‘trusted’ member would mule cigars from a trip. he never went and scammed a lot of people. In the end I received a refund from him.
  15. RijkdeGooier

    Your last 90 days "go to"

    Due to diminishing frequency - I’ve been smoking from my more special stash The three amigos this time last year And the big boss last week In between still a lot of aged Monte and Hupmann
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