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  1. HdM Maravilla to smoke, Siglo Ron to drink and ‘her’ in bed with me to share with 😜
  2. Let's make it a theme trip -with fantasies about catching your own food: 1. Sicily - fishing tuna in the strait of Messina and having it served in a good restaurant in Messina - after dinner smoking on the Piazza with a good coffee 2. Scotland, for grouse and deer. Served at the 'manor house' . Dirinks and cigars in the library afterwards, smoking jackets required 3. Domincan Republic North Coast - marlin fishing aboard a white Sunseeker. Great day at sea and dinner on the beach. Bonfire, drinks and cigars afterwards. 4. Belgium Ardennes - wild boar hunting with guns and dogs. After spending a day in the hills field dress the meat.. Dinner, drinks and cigars at the St. Hubertus lodge 5. Alaska - salmon run fishing next to the Kodiak Bears - make dinner myself, campfire and a big cigar under the stars while watching out for the Kodiaks
  3. CoRo 1990-1993 some of the best production cigars ever smoked
  4. Here’s my experience re smoking last March 2020. 1. Casas inside generally no, outside si 2. Restaurants, paladares - depends, just ask 3. Hotels inside no (except lounges), outside si However, one might have a different exp on one’s trip.
  5. To us old timers 0-2 fresh 2-5 rested 5-10 aged 10+ vintage
  6. Price - higher is better right? seriously though, it’s all about the taste for me
  7. Reza has done a lot of work already - his efforts are much appreciated - looking forward to next year's event
  8. Well the great healthcare system is true to some extent. 1. There are trained doctors 2. They will see you for free if you're Cuban 3. They will prescribe you meds After that you're on your own as there are almost no medical supplies.. Result - you know what ails you in most cases but can't be cured.
  9. Brought some back from this trip - they are in quarantine now
  10. I flew back Sunday night - one night before the total closing of the borders for non-Cuban nationals. All flights were full with tourists whose trips were cut short. There were some distubances of people without flights/tickets at Jose Marti Airport, but there was no panic. There are many concerns amongst the Cuban population 1. Food - there will probably be rice but little else available - what there is has already soared in price - many who could afford have stockpiled but most have not 2. Money - the tourism sector has shut down - so the informal economy (tips etc) has been closed down 3. Medical care - the big hope is that the virus is not spreading into the gen population, since Cuba has not the system to cope with it. 4. Trabajar de distancia - Secr Marin has been on the television promoting working from home, but this is not feasible for those in production jobs, plus there are big discussions about control re work being done 5. 50% cut in pay when you are not able to work in most sectors - this means that the lowly peso nacional salary gets cut even further 6. Availibility of the 'canasta' - this small package has been difficult to obtain and will get even more difficult The older generation is already sharing their old periodico especiales recipes again.

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