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  2. Winston Churchill: 'A magnum is the perfect size for 2 gentlemen to share over lunch...especially if one of them isn't drinking'. I love Churchill. I’m listening to The Second World War audio book series now.
  3. My 70 GTO lost a driveshaft at 140mph at 80k original miles. Lots of damage there. ? Probably user error.... Edit: 80k on car not motor
  4. Got over 325k out of two 2000 7.3L f250s before I sold them. Typical front end stuff and clutches for both. Had the rear brake line rot on one (because it sat on the frame rail and all the road crude accumulated there) and burst on me in the driveway as I drove away. Luckily I had just braked because I thought I forgot something and I had made a tire chock so when I backed in my driveway I wouldn’t hit my fence.
  5. I know for me the Cohiba pyramids was the epiphany of the lemongrass herbal Cohiba taste. They are one of my favorite sticks to date.
  6. I prefer to buy a box of pot infused chocolate truffles, eat maybe half of one and smoke a Cuban.
  7. I'm guessing I'm in the multiple thousands range. I'm just maintaining now. Aging what I want and smoking and buying what I want to smoke now. The OLH is the devil if I might add.
  8. I use a Cuban crafters perfect cut exclusively for pyramids and it's perfect every time. Regular cigars I peel the cap with my fingernail or use my knife to carefully take the top off. I keep my knives very sharp...
  9. Most bars that allowed smoking were thick with cigarette smoke and smelled the same even before the happy hour crew got there. The few cigar lounges that I've been to have been very well ventilated with all wood and tile interiors. The lounges usually smelled of tobacco when empty not a well used ash tray. If I were a bartender I would much rather work in a cigar lounge. I have since stopped going to bars and enjoy my cigars in my back yard but it would be nice to go to a nice restaurant and have a great dinner out with the wife and finish the night off with a cigar an drink. Ive d
  10. If you want cherries in spades try and find a box of POU MAR 13 R&J Ex No4 and you can cross that tasting note off your list.
  11. Aeropress and Handground grinder makes the same cup of Baroida every time. My other machines are collecting dust now. My setup
  12. PRA AGO 10 JL no4 Great smoke on a lazy Sunday afternoon
  13. 1) pro football player. - made it to division one college but was to slow (4.7 40yrd) and too short 5'10". 2) Carpenter. - I loved the work but didn't work out. I am still glad to have built and remodeled homes. I'm pretty handy so no need to hire home repairs. 3) Health care industry- I worked for a few years in a hospital and decided I didn't like people that much. Honesty it was coworkers not patients. Women dominate industry = drama... 4) currently a Machinist. - I started my own machine shop and work with my Uncle who has been a machinist for 30 year
  14. POS AGO 06 QdO Grand Corona. I've been slowly working thru these. I'll cry when they are gone.
  15. Honestly, I'd knock the high spots off, oil it up and keep using it the way it is.
  16. MrGTO

    What's for dinner?

    Beef short ribs. Mmmmm!
  17. Pyramid! Now that is a cigar that blew my mind! Smoked one the night my first daughter was born. I'll have to track some of those down soon.
  18. I just sent this to all my engineer buddies that I work with. Good one!
  19. I believe that's called shock! I bet his wet suit was a stinky mess when he took it off!
  20. 8-9-8's and Lusi's are great boxes, but they need time down imho. BCG is the box I would pick if I wanted to smoke a cigar with minimal time down.
  21. Good topic. I love the DC format. I have some Punch DCs in my locker but they have a long way to go. I'll crack the box for my 50th bday! Only 13 more years to go!
  22. Wow! If they smoke as good as they look that box wouldn't last long at my house!
  23. I am surprised the corrupt EU has lasted as long as it has. The UN needs to go next. They both are about money not the well being of countries or countrymen.

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