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  1. I do need to set my email alerts. Wow I can't believe this discussion hasn't been shut down yet. I would love to submit a rebuttal Ken but I have been up to my neck here on the homestead replacing all the temporary infrastructure with something more permanent. Wood sheds and greenhouses and broiler coops and the like. Whipped up a few quickies to get us through the first few years and now its time to rebuild. Coupled with harvesting summer crops and replanting winter crops I am not left with a lot of time. I am sure you can understand. So here's hoping things don't degrade and the threa
  2. It's funny how both sides can find flaws in the other. And that's where one needs to start thinking for themselves. So it all comes down to who believes who. I won't deny climate change it happens all the time. I don't know anyone who does deny it. I will be skeptical of human caused global warming though. My decision and a lot of other peoples on this matter goes far beyond science. I see the political and money driven reasons to promote global warming. The money being raked in by environment groups is truly staggering. How about the government funding of such a popular subject as this. I ca
  3. One could ask where the IPCC gets their data. They don't like to share either. Where does anyone's data come from? I would suggest Tim Ball's come from 48 yrs of study and research in climatology, climate history, and meteorology. Drawing from historical writings and recent findings alike. He actually did a huge study on Art and it's depiction of climate through history. Plus all the years he spent in the arctic with the Canadian armed forces. Spending immense amount of time with aboriginals and the Inuit people. Ones who have a good idea of the way things are supposed to be. It takes more t
  4. A little bit of brain food. Read a few of his books and other work. Pretty interesting I think. Do with as you see fit. Sorry if it starts half way through.
  5. Been wearing a citizen slim eco drive for over a decade now. There's no night light on it and one needs to keep up on daylight savings time and the dates and such but I have never changed batteries or needed to wind it once. Nice and slim and been around the block a few times and considering the hell I put most things through it has been one of my most soundest investments. Since I took up farming and homesteading I don't wear it much anymore. Chickens don't care about things like that. But once in a while the Citizen and the Sendras go stepping out. Only bitch I have is that I got the leather
  6. Oh jeez. What don't we make at home? Spent the last few months harvesting and canning. Peaches,apple sauce, pasta sauces, peach and berry jams, apple chutneys and pie fillings and a few others as they ripen.Blanching beans, broccoli, celery, collards and other veggies of that nature. Just filled the freezers with a pig and 30 chickens. Been dehydrating all our herbs and fruit stuff too. The wife makes all our hand soap and my shaving soap, plus we make all our own lard(chicken and pork) You haven't lived till you've had chicken lard and garlic mashed potatoes, oh my! It's funny. The whole thi
  7. I agree two things I wont tolerate from an employer is disrespect and a bounced paycheque. If either happens once I am gone. Kicked a boss in the nuts for calling me stupid once. It was construction in the 80's mind you. It was on a Friday and he called me on Saturday to see if I was still showing up on Monday. Worked for him off and on for ten years and he never called me stupid ever again. Life is too short for such bullshite.
  8. The only NC I find I enjoy are Quorum Coronas. A buck a stick and have never really let me down. I am not a strong cigar fan no matter where they come from NC or CC. What little taste buds I have can't handle the stress. I generally go milder and pick up way more flavour. Which is sort of to bad and good because I am finding most of my two year old CC's are no where old enough for me to enjoy. But way more tolerable than when they were just of the truck. So I sit there longingly but at the same time I am learning a thing or two about patience. That's a good thing.... right?
  9. picky people starve whether you you say you can or you cannot, your right F$%K It life's to short for this sh*t If you can't baffle 'em with bullsh*t , dazzle 'em with your footwork
  10. I nurse about a 1/2 bowl of pipe tobacco a day and smoke about 1 petit corona a week maybe these days. Spring summer and fall are just too busy and winter is too cold.
  11. Ok I'm back from camping! Good time had by all poured rain so hard last night that we threw the tent in the dumpster on the way out. Ten years of service from a $160 Costco special it seemed fitting. The zipper was broke anyway Thanks for waiting Ken. So fill us in please......
  12. Can you wait till I get back from camping on Tuesday? I really don't want to miss any of this. The other guys will understand.
  13. Oh my, here we go. Let the opinions begin! 2 yrs into CC's myself and still asking the same questions. Cap'n Quint is right just get some samplers. And maybe try buying the boxes that Prez says no need to lay down. Right now I have been on a journey of aging and sampling and man oh man does aging make a difference with a lot of cigars. Most of mine are hitting the two year mark and still need time. There are guys who have been at this for a looong time and know way more than I do by infinity plus one, and they will mostly say taste is subjective and the only way to find out is to try everythin

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