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  1. Some of these would make amazing desktop backgrounds or framed prints. Who doesn't love close up pics of bands?
  2. Well its been cold as hell here in Minnesota, so I've been going cheap by not smoking! Hopefully it warms up soon though because I'm well overdue for a good cigar.
  3. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but "13 Horses" by Alexander Rybak is really beautiful and sad.
  4. I've gone through about 5 of the 33 Cigars Tasting Notebooks and I found them to be really useful. I don't use them every time, but I like them when I am really trying to focus on the flavors of the stick. Plus my memory is terrible so its nice to be able to reference them later on down the road.
  5. Good seeing you as well! I've been registered for awhile but finally got around to posting!
  6. Glad to see yet another name I recognize!
  7. Glad to see someone I recognize, welcome mate!
  8. Hey guys, I'm pretty new here but I'm looking forward to meeting many of you and learning as much as possible along the way! I'm fairly active on other forums with the same username so hopefully I'll recognize some friendly faces here!

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