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  1. Some weeks ago I wrote that it was a Monte No4 but yesterday I just had a Diplo No2 that just blew my mind!
  2. I wouln't care at all. For me, just like most people commenting here, is about the taste and the experience. I've tried NCs but I find the cubans to fulfil my palate the most. One thing I don't really like about NCs is the overwhelming quantity of brands out there and the lack of information one can find on the internet.
  3. Were you able to crack the code? Just kidding! Now talking serious, how does a pebble end inside a cigar? Anyway, sorry to hear you've had several pieces of random stuff inside your cigars.
  4. Thanks for the opinion! Now I want to smoke one of those Serie D No 6, I guess they are shortening the size because of changing smoking habits. Not everyday we all have 1.5 hours to go through a SDN4 and it would be a waste to put it away 30 minutes in. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts!
  5. If I don't like an specific brand I won't be buying it and just let it be, sure there are people who like them. I would be really mad and sad if a brand I like were discontinued because someone else didn't like it. Also I don't get why you call them crap if you have not smoked them? I think the base of knowledge is experience, don't let the comments of other people be the base for your taste. Just smoke them, if you like any of those great!
  6. For me it is a ENE14 Monte 4 I smoked a couple of weeks ago. Amazing smoke, I'm becoming a fan of the marevas!
  7. I have a very strict morning routine for my website daily feed. Just to point out I'm a photographer and I have to keep on watching what's going on in the business and with the trends around the world, it goes like this: (my own website, just to check everything is doing alright) google analytics (to check the traffic through my website) It usually takes me about 1/2 hour to go through all those, if it's fashion week time it can take up about 2 hours
  8. First of all thank you very much for your input and knowledge! Don't have to apologize for taking long to answer. I really appreciate that you took the time to put in such understandable words and so thoroughly well explained. I didn't think about isolation until you mentioned it. For sure I'll give it a try and will let you know how things work out! I also wanted to thank you for all the info you are always willing to share here! I've learnt a lot from your posts in the few months I've been a member! I'm aways looking forward to reading new information you post. Again thank you! - Rodri

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