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  1. Very busy week with work so not much spare time. I still managed to sneak in a 2015 D4 and a 2014 Party short from a box I was gifted by a very good made the week a little more bearable! Stay safe everyone! Tupps
  2. For a second there I thought Rotiboy had opened in HK, I was ready to jump in an Uber! @Meklown I'm always around to meet new people and have a cigar here in HK, hit me up with a PM if you want to meet and catch up! Josh
  3. It's an EVH 5150iii, the Fender version of the Peavey 6505. It's a balls to the wall rock/metal amp! Huge amounts of gain, however paired with a good OD pedal for a boost it can do anything really. Smoked this today, and I think they're ready! DIC 2015 and I reckon I'll be finishing the box off soon, they are perfect for me right now. Huge amounts of sweet almond and creamy cedar throughout, an absolute beauty.
  4. A gifted Monsdale from @torsion this evening. Smoking really well after a fairly soft opening. It deals well with being treated gently!
  5. '14 RASS, this box won't last long. Smoking beautifully. Very happy with all my recent cigars since dropping my RH to 60.
  6. Another one to add to the collection. It was a lot harder than I thought to find an "in box" SKX009 due to it being discontinued. However, it's certainly a staple in every collectors watch box. It's become my everyday wear since I got it last week! Tupps
  7. OCT 15 RYJ Wide Churchill It's always been a favourite of mine, but with some age down AND these incredible rosado wrappers make for such a fantastic afternoon smoke.
  8. It's been a while.....winding the day down with a DIC 15 Connie A. I've missed these!
  9. I spend my life at this airport and I can’t for the life of me work out where this is taken from! Great photo. Tupps.
  10. Sorry to have missed this chaps. I'm currently slumming it in the Maldives! @El Presidente let me know next time you're in town!
  11. Well it's certainly been a while! I've been enjoying a few smokes in the Maldives over the past day or two..... Both courtesy of a great botl @torsion
  12. We were the last departure out of NGO yesterday morning before the Airport was evacuated. 80 odd Kts on the nose at 2000' and rough as guts up to cruise, TAT sitting at +4 passing through FL300. Massive weather system, I was certainly glad to get away!
  13. Periphery III: Select Difficulty Incredible album, right at the forefront of the heavier genres!
  14. My uncle was the Gaslight Anthem's producer on 59 Sound and American Sound. He has just this past few months collaborated with Brian Fallon on his new album, the new single is incredible. Such soul and passion.

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