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  1. It is a sad day when you run out of a cigar like this... Glad you were able to enjoy it & thanks for sharing your thoughts! Technically discontinued this year, but there are still recent QdO Panetelas floating around. They are smoking well...
  2. Some of the young #4s I've smoked lately have really showed their youth in the 2nd half, but the '05 #1s definitely are making my top 5 at the moment...
  3. Welcome to FOH Ian... I'm sure you will enjoy your time here!
  4. Of those I've tried more than once, my favorites are as follows - Zaya (Guatemala) Ron Zacapa 23 Anos Diplomatico Reserva Pampero Aniversario Looks like I will need to find myself a fith...
  5. Macbooks at home & PC at work... Nice thing about the PC is that I know I will have time for coffee at the office since it takes a full 5-10mins to boot each morning.
  6. Fastest I've ever seen him move... I thought for a second that someone was offering up free Guinness across the street
  7. Good to see you here Stefan! Welcome to FOH...
  8. Hey Doug, welcome to FOH... Good to see you here!
  9. A little late to post up, but I also had a great time last week/weekend. It was a pleasure to help welcome Wilkey to Colorado and to meet Dave! Thanks again to all for the great conversation, friendship & cigars! -edit- Here are a few more snaps from the last night...
  10. Thanks for posting up the pictures Dave... I noticed you managed to stay behind the camera. We will have to remedy that next time I'm pretty sure I can speak for all & say that last night was a blast... Huge thanks to Dave for the invite & generously hosting the evening! The conversation, friendship, cigars, rum, & scotch were all top notch! I hope Wilkey is up for doing it all again tonight -edit- Mark, there are parking lots right on 18th west of the Celtic & also some closer to 18th & Wazee... Should also be parking on the street, but it's 2hr until 10pm.
  11. Great to see you at FOH Zach! There are lots of good, knowledgeable folk here & plenty of info... Don't mind the Aussies, they don't bite much... Thanks again for generously hosting last night Dave! It was a great night & I look forward to catching up again some time soon...
  12. I have really been enjoying the '07 Sig 1s lately as well... Your assessment is pretty close to my experience. Great little cigar that is definitely not light on flavor!
  13. I'm looking forward to meeting Wilkey & other local FOH/ICC members latter this week... Time to get my cigar caddy in order! ps Dale, it would be great to see you at one of the events... Seems like ages since we've caught up!

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