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  1. Thanks for putting it together again! Job well done and I enjoyed reading this thread as it moved around
  2. Hey everyone! Just got the box today, haven't opened it yet but Ill post my proposed puts/takes. A few of the double bands and REs I already have so its hard for me to trade into that box when they are already there.. And Hoyo ban has handcuffed me a little bit but thats alright. Anyways feel free to gun me down if you think something feels unfair, I got thick skin and will make adjustments. Proposed Puts: 1-H.Upmann Sir Winston ARG JUN 14 regular czar PSP 2-Cohiba Piramides Extra UPE OCT 12 regular 3- Alejandro(alex) Hotel Comodoro Havana Behike 52 December 2015 custom 4- Sancho Panza Molinos ABR OCT 11 discontinued czar HQ 5- San Cristobal el Morro AME DIC 12 regular czar HQ Proposed Takes: 1- Cohiba Lancero mel abr 08 regular 2-Sancho Panza Belicosos tpg jul 08 regular czar psp 3-Partagas Presidentes rbs abr 08 regular czar hq 4-Por Larranaga Petit Corona ema sep 08 czar hq 5-Robusta Larga (Jorgito-C. Hav.) Nov 2016 custom roll Lemme know and thanks
  3. Thanks and looks great. I will go through my humidor and post/email a take/put hopefully tonight or tomorrow. If the box pass arrives on or before Thursday I will try to ship it out the same day. If it arrives Friday I will most likely keep it for the weekend holiday(Canada day long weekend) and ship it out when Canada post opens on Monday or Tuesday just to keep it safe in a 65/65 zone.
  4. I'd like to be involved if there is room. Got a pretty good cigar selection across the board and will provide a list if needed. Just up the road from Victoria too if you need a hand with anything just PM me.
  5. Have the same box code in my humidor, very great cigar indeed.
  6. Sounds almost like a Caesar (canadian drink) , great with Grilled Meats and for Sunday hangovers..https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caesar_(cocktail) I like em, but have never tried with a cigar..
  7. Im sure there is a old FaQ on this somewhere and you can forum search years back to find out exactly how it worked but...LFTH , LFTW ... Live From The Humidor, Warehouse etc etc. It was basically FOH staff would start a new forum post/thread and post pictures of boxes of cigars and at what quality level plus with how many available. And first to reply to the post with the proper corresponding quote of said post would get said boxes. (They would have to email in with personal details if the reply was in the the winning order).
  8. Nye was great, started with this, great pairing I've enjoyed a few times! Actually made it past midnight this year hah!

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