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  1. My favourite discontinued cigar, along with BCE and party charlottes.
  2. Por larranaga Qdo Diplomaticos Partagas cohiba/Montecristo/LGC tied dead on
  3. littlepea

    What is your favorite bourbon?

    I've never come across anything better value than four roses small batch. Easily good enough quality to sip, cheap enough to mix or use for a bottle of bacon infused bourbon. Usually got a bottle of woodford and jack sb knocking about as a friend gets them at 75% off rrp. I've got some blantons gold and Willet pot still which are both good. I've tried plenty of more expensive bourbons that don't hold up against four roses for the price difference.
  4. littlepea

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    The 520 is going so well I figured I'd get something tasty out for the second half
  5. Just two bands like the 48 I'd imagine Greg.
  6. littlepea

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Monte 520 and some ale
  7. Anyone smoked any of these recently? Have they improved with some time?
  8. 2003 cohiba reserva. Christmas present from the better half.
  9. Dukes, 520s and 2002 QDO gran coronas
  10. If you're talking cardiovascular fitness, a couple cigars a week will make close to zero difference (providing you aren't inhaling). Smoke a cigar every day, and the volume of smoke that will enter your lungs passively will make a difference. Wether you feel a noticeable difference is down to baseline fitness levels, exercise modality, and your breathing technique. If you're talking weights it will only have a difference if your intensity is high, where CV fitness becomes a factor. Rest periods may also need to increase between sets, though there are so many variables that affect weightlifting performance that you likely wouldn't notice and effect. Anaerobic conditioning will only be affected due to decreased ability to recover between bouts. Initial efforts would be fine, subsequent efforts would be affected. Number of cigars smoked is not the issue, volume of smoke inhaled is the main risk factor (they are obviously linked). If you're smoking a few cigars in a poorly ventilated room, it's likely to cause more damage than smoking double that in the outdoors with a bit of a breeze and a smoking style that minimises inhalation.
  11. Ah man tough call. Overall I'd pick LGC med d'or 4 and monte especiales But For value - PL montecarlos With age - CoLa's HTF/discontinued - party sdc 1
  12. 2010 boxes of LGC Med D'or no 4. Love these.

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