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  1. Normally I don't say anything about how Americans say or spell things differently than the rest of the English speaking world. If you guys want to spell "colour" without the "u" who am I to judge? But I draw the line at "I could care less". It doesn't mean what you're trying to imply. "I could care less" means you actually do care, because you could care less than you currently do. Whereas "I couldn't care less" actually means you don't care about the situation, because you can't care about it any less then you already do. Small but important distinction
  2. It's actually a pretty standard storyline in the DC universe.
  3. I have a jet lighter for when I am outside & it's windy. I try to use cedar when I can.
  4. I was watching Mash & drinking tea & couldn't think of anything better
  5. That's encouraging to hear! I'm just waiting to finish off another series before I jump in, but I'm liking what I've been hearing about it.
  6. Hmm I was not aware of that. We haven't exactly had great & fair history with our First Nation population either.
  7. We have a pretty large number of First Nations groups/tribes in Canada, with a pretty diverse example out here on the West Coast. They also get special exemptions to hunting/trapping laws, fishing/whaling laws, etc. throughout the country, I imagine it's fairly similar with the aboriginal peoples in Australia?
  8. I know there is a lot of talk about anti smoking bylaws/laws on the forum, but I'm going to throw my city into the mix as one of harder cities to be a smoker in. I have included a link to an article explaining it & the actual bylaws itself if you want to have a look as well. To sum up some of the main points. No smoking in designated public spaces, parks (municipal, community, & regional), playgrounds, fields, beaches, etc. I am not sure if this includes sidewalks but... No Smoking within 7 meters of a bus stop, & 7 meters from doors, windows, & air intakes of buildings; making the majority Downtown area of Victoria pretty much a non smoking area. Technically this even means no smoking on your own patio if you live in an apartment building (like I do) in the Capitol Region District. Now feasibly this isn't a very enforceable bylaw, there's only an average of 1.5 enforcement officers working in the entire area on a given day. Though if you are caught & they feel like handing down a ticket to you, the fine can be up to $2,000. The people behind the bylaw have said this is going to mostly enforced by "peer pressure". For the people who aren't familiar with the area, you will get dirtier looks smoking a cigar around town here blatantly smoking weed out in public Anyways just thought I'd share what you have to deal with to be a smoker (cigar or any tobacco) in my neck of the woods.
  9. I'm in Victoria proper. I just did a big order, but I would be interested in doing some box splits in the future. Could be interested in some trading in the meantime. Edit: just to add, this is open to anyone one else interested in trades,box splits, etc.
  10. According to Wikipedia, all episodes release on April 10th.
  11. Looks like Marvel is giving the blind superhero another shot with a series on Netflix. I'm pretty excited about this. I'm sure we all remember the less than stellar Daredevil movie from a few years back. I hope that doesn't carry over into this series. Even though the character has taken a back seat to some of the more popular heroes in the Marvel universe, Daredevil has had some of the best written stories in comics since Frank Millers run in the 80's. I really hope they can capture what makeshe Matt Murdock/Daredevil such a great character in the books and put it to screen.
  12. He got such a bad/goofy rap because of the Silver age and things like the "Super Friends" cartoon. Right now the character is about one the best written and portrayed in the DC universe. Though the sillyness mythos has stuck with him and most who don't read the books still think of him of this silly guy who talks to fish and is useless on land. I really hope this movie turns the general opinion of him around, because Aquaman is seriously great when portrayed as he should be.

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