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  1. Quai D'Orsay Corona, ETP NOV 15. First from the box, trying to be patience with these. Good now, going to continue to be patient and check in on these occasionally.
  2. Started on the deck with a Partagas 898 and rum, had to move quickly to the garage when a popup storm decided to come through
  3. Another beautiful night, and another beautiful cigar. Mag 50 while I wait for the NFL draft
  4. Mine is a late 2014 code, and I swear every RyJ Churchill that Rob was putting up from that period was just a beautiful shade of red. They've been perfectly contructed too, I just wish I had bought more than one box!
  5. Relaxing after work with a beautiful RyJ Churchill on a warm, overcast day.
  6. Breaking out my Bushido single with Balvenie Caribbean Cask in celebration of some great life events! Beautiful cigar, I wish these were cheaper or even regular production
  7. Sancho Panza Non Plus on a beautiful evening after work. I haven't had a cigar in two weeks, so this is making today a good day!
  8. 222 lbs. Down about 8 from the start, so I'm happy with this first month.
  9. 230.6 lbs (104.6 kg). I would like to get down to 200lbs, but anything below 215 would be a good outcome
  10. La Fuerza from the Christmas sampler on a warm January afternoon. First one I've had, and now I know I need more!
  11. Thanks for the review, I too enjoy the dalias format and wish there were more available in current production. It sounds like it was a good smoke!
  12. I joined this site and started smoking CCs a little over two years ago, so I'm relatively new to this compared to many members here. This is the first deletion list that has hit me hard. The BCG, the HUPC, and the du Prince are all currently in my rotation as they have been fantastic. I was looking forward to seeing how these developed over the next few years and picking up more boxes once mine ran low. I was even thinking yesterday that my next box should be the Bolivar #1 tubos. This sucks I don't even know if I want to stock up now, or just try to find another cigar I like (t
  13. Woohoo, two more weeks of beer! Then it'll be time to do something about the fact that someone seems to be shrinking my pants...
  14. Henry McKenna 10yr bottled in bond is fantastic and a great value for the price for my tastes.

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