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  1. Is Cohiba experiencing a shortage, or are they deliberately reducing supply to create a stockpile for the end of the embargo?
  2. Secrets Maroma Beach and Secrets Akumal are excellent. Went to Maroma Beach for my honeymoon and just got back from Akumal. You can't go wrong with this resort chain. Decent food (nothing terrible, nothing excellent) but exceptional staff and service. My wife and I love the Secrets chain because the beaches are so much more secluded and never feel crowded. You also don't have to bother with the wrist bands and limited quantities of things you see at other all-inclusives. If you've got more questions, PM me. Tom
  3. I often give my boxes to relatives in gifts (if it's a small item or series of items). My family also enjoys using them to hold miscellaneous items around the house. I think it's cool to see all my old boxes around the garage or workspace and people seem to enjoy it.
  4. I somehow missed this entire thread. SCdlH is my favorite marca, as I find the flavors to be delicious and each stick to be very dynamic. Losing the Morro would be tough (got 2 boxes of them in my cabinet) but understandable considering the late '12 codes are extremely easy to find. Even the box of La Punta I just picked up is the same AME MAR 13 code I picked up 15 months ago!!! Needless to say the band could be MUCH flashier (though I don't mind it). They could also benefit from a price cut. The low sales of this marca don't make me too excited for the (likely) end of the embargo, as this brand will almost certainly be dumped. And once that happens I'm gonna be paying twice as much for an already overpriced stick that no one wanted a couple years earlier! Just crazy...
  5. Whatever money is left over after bills and rent goes straight to cigars.
  6. Can't go wrong with VR Unicos. SCdlH La Punta is also a go-to. Two of the best marcas out there, in my opinion.
  7. SCdlH El Morro AME DIC 12. Best box of cigars I've ever had. And I actually bought two of the same, at different times, and they were both spot on. I'm getting excited just thinking about them.
  8. Happy Birthday, Trevor! And thank you so much for your site. It is truly indispensable.
  9. Excellent work, Rob! Can't wait to snag one of those bad boys for the house.
  10. Have yet to find one I enjoy, but that doesn't mean I don't keep on trying!
  11. Well I'm not sure if anything I like is lesser known, but SCdlH and Sancho Panza are two of the best marcas in my mind. Now don't go buying those and make them tougher to get!
  12. Prove It All Night and a smoke on the deck? Doesn't get much better...
  13. Can't wait! Too bad the cast couldn't stay the same, but this one should be good

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