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  1. I believe that’s as good a list as I’ve ever seen! I could live on any one of those. Great job!
  2. Sorry to hear that...take good care, wishing you a full & speedy recovery!
  3. Good Morning all! Breakfast in Kentucky... RG PC NRG NOV 05 ? Cheers!
  4. I love lazy mornings with a cigar and coffee...HDM du Prince Cheers!
  5. Sitting by the pool watching Game 7 of Western Conference Finals...San Jose up 2 - 1 at the end of the 1st Period. Go Sharks! Cheers! So good I decided to fix a Manhattan to go with it!
  6. Got home in time for nice relaxing smoke... 8-9-8 from RAE OCT 14. Cheers!
  7. Having a couple of friends over this evening to sample some Eagle Rare Bourbon and some Don Julio 1942 Tequila...thought I’d break out some MOB SEP 14 Hoyo De Monterrey DCs to complete the evening... The evening started off with such promise but by the time we finished the Eagle Rare no cared to open the Don Julio...great fun was had by all! Cheers! Waiting on Kentucky Derby 145 with a ULA SEP 14 Ramon Allones Superiores...lovely cigar! Cheers!
  8. I haven’t been on the site much in the last couple of years and have really missed the camaraderie. Two surgeries in two years kinda took me out. Finally starting to enjoy my smokes again and living off of aging inventory...Here’s of a few of my recent smokes... Cheer!
  9. Long day finally comes to an end... Cheers! Bill
  10. I just want to celebrate, yeah, yeah Another day of living, yeah ~ Rare Earth Breakfast food! Cheers! Bill
  11. Just called these home from the OLH and they are magnificent oily bastards! Cheers! Bill
  12. Saw him in May and have tickets to see him again in August...
  13. Maybe the best cigar I’ve had this year! OMR MAY 15 I got from my BOTL busdriver a couple of years ago. Been a year since I smoked the first one. I’ve got three of these bad boys left and intend to wait a year before smoking the next. Thanks bus! Cheers! Bill
  14. What a beautiful Sunday morning with a MAE AGO 14 Epi 1 and some fresh brewed coffee...MAE BC was a real winner! Glad I put away a few. Cheers! Bill
  15. Punch Punch BMS JUL 14 with a little Rum... Cheers! Bill
  16. Petit Belicosos LE 2009 LRE AGO 09... Cheers! Bill
  17. ABR OCT 11 Molinos... On this Memorial Day, “May we walk in the memory of those who forever hold the burden of our freedoms.” Cheers! Bill
  18. +1 on the 2011 Por Larranaga Encanto! They’ve been fantastic but alas all good things come to an end. I’m down to my last one ?. Cheers! Bill

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