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  1. Yeah I actually just typed in the search section and found another write up about them.
  2. I found these cases on Instagram, (, Has anybody purchased from them? I'm seriously considering buying one, they look gorgeous!!!
  3. why even bother smoking it, you know its fake?... Who knows what could be in there... smh...
  4. I'm very sorry to hear this sad news. I have 3 dogs myself, and recently lost one. On a walk he had a heart attach and dropped, it happened in the blink of an eye, so i can relate to how you're feeling! Dogs are truly a mans best friend...
  5. Only you can make that decision! There is nothing wrong with Non Cubans, if you like them buy them and smoke them! The majority of my cigars are Cuban, however, i still have a relatively large collection of fantastic Non Cuban Cigars in my humidor. which i purchase and smoke regularly. Your palate is different to mine, and everybody else on this forum. Buy what you want, smoke what you like, and enjoy!
  6. These are the only Cohibas i smoke, in order: Corona Especial BHK 52 Robosto Siglo ii (on occasion, when i want a smaller stick)
  7. Cigars, Watches, Wine, Scotch & Gucci.... Those are my weaknesses....
  8. We sell Xikar and Colibri.. Located just outside of Toronto... The deal with Xikar; if you have a warrenty issue, you take it to any Xikar dealer, and they are "supposed to" Replace it on the spot, then they send the defective unit back and receive a replacement... All of this, shipping it back and paying for shipping / waiting is the shop being lazy and uncooperative and not honoring the guarantee. Its because they don't want to give up their inventory to replace it... It's BS... Colibri on the other hand, you have to send it back to them for inspection. There is no getting around that one.

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