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  1. torsion

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Very late start tonight after a great dinner with friends who have a kid the same age as our son. Cheers@Eljavi76 for this Cohiba Medio Siglo-these things are strong! Tasty little smoke and I anticipate these aging well.Don't usually like short Robusto but for times like this it's perfect. Have a great week ahead all! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. torsion

    NYC Herf?

    @cybermadhatter Steven - may see you next Saturday.
  3. torsion

    NYC Herf?

    Can't afford shoes since I got into cigars
  4. torsion

    NYC Herf?

    that's why I got that ticket
  5. torsion

    NYC Herf?

    Only raccoons and tickets
  6. obviously both trainspotters in a previous life
  7. torsion

    NYC Herf?

    Nudge bump as per @ElJavi76 Who's in? Toss up between Carnagie or Club Mac (the latter Javi hasn't been to yet) Both have cutting fees - Club Mac's is $15 and Carnagie is $10 if my memory is correct(?) Speak now or forever hold your piece (pun intended) NYC herfs are so hard to get together although loads of smokers in the city! *Edit - NYC lounges usually have a dress code so to avoid issues follow this simple guide, no sneakers,flip flops (thongs for you Ozzies ) or torn jeans. Business casual is ok
  8. Black box in the middle of the second pic is in disguise
  9. I f*cking love these threads! Thanks for sharing and yet again adding masses of fuel to the fire which is already out of control
  10. torsion

    Full bodied smokes?

    RASCC - my ULA 13 still packing a punch! For a small/short cigar it's full bodied for my palate. Can be a slightly harder to find cigar at times.
  11. torsion

    NYC Herf?

    Hoping to shake this cold off by Thursday - been improvements since yesterday so very hopeful! Yeh Carnegie is super close, Club Mac is a possibility. Currently thunderstorms forecast so no outdoor spots but if this changes and depending on numbers Lotte Palace courtyard is good/low key although not much in terms of service (well there isn't any and you have to walk in to get drinks). There's also Pennisula rooftop. Unfortunately most places in NYC are going to be pricy or have a cutting fee. Paging @HoyoFan
  12. My father has always taught me that when you may be generous it's best not to expect the reciprocal back to avoid disappointment. For the most part I always try to have this mindset however there are always guys like this and after a while it wears thin - when it reaches the limit then they have less invites...
  13. torsion

    Partagas Reserva D4

    Not had the pleasure of smoking the D4 Reserva but from what I hear from friends they've been smoking extremely well earlier in the year. I smoked my first Epi 2 Reserva last week - was an excellent cigar, very clean tasting tobacco and instantly on the first puff could tell it was different from the reg production. Unfortunately all Reserva and GR are out of my price range and therefore reach. Lucky to have generous friends.

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