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  1. If the price is too steep, you should check out the Magma X by Prometheus. Really great lighter that has a wide flat flame and a built-in punch cutter; both work great; retails for a hair under $100 but can be had for $80-90
  2. Same here. Got a 1.5 boxes one time and another 0.5 box a few weeks later. Definitely have gotten better than when they first released as I don't remember being too impressed at the time.
  3. I’d be super wary for your friend, unless your friend in question is a serious collector (or very wealthy). But given that he’s having to ask after the fact post-purchase, I hope things work out either way.... especially since intact boxes of Sublimes (with provenance) easily fetch a few grand per box — at a minimum. First EL to get massively counterfeited, from very good knock-offs to extremely bad, and are still sold today. As for the box, I’ve always seen the seal on the box itself. Confirmed it in a few Lot photos from past auctions. Hope that helps. Good luck!
  4. hmmm... My logical guess may not be ideal but I would probably try dry-boxing extensively beforehand with the goal being to bring the humidity way down throughout the inner workings of the entire cigar. This way, the moisture inside the filler & binder being reduced would then expand much less while dealing with an extreme difference in temperature and a much more fragile wrapper due to that very fact. Then, in addition to the extra dry-boxing I’d dip/wet the cigar in water as-needed to keep the wrapper as pliable as possible while smoking; this could also possible be achieved by bringing the outside of the cigar’s humidity up by putting the extended dry-boxed cigars into a highly humidified environment immediately for a short period just prior to smoking It also might help to inspect the cigar/s for ANY cracks in the wrapper and avoid smoking those as it will surely split there first. I’d also stick with cigars with less delicate/thin wrappers if possible, be it varietal or vintage. Either way, hopefully something will help!
  5. Heard the same. New El Laguito code.
  6. I read that article last night and couldn’t wrap my head around how ridiculous that was. They must have been serving a LOT of liquor before the auction... I’m pretty sure you could buy every Cohiba Auction Humidor & Limited Release ever with that money and then some.
  7. 2018, 2014, 2019 for me, in that order. IMO, 2014 showed a significant turn for the better in terms regular production overall Then things seemed to ebb & flow for awhile until 2018 hit and an even greater change than we saw in ‘14 happened; some of the most gorgeous wrappers I’ve ever seen stemming from what we heard was an amazing 2017 harvest. In 2018, the fantastic production continued, albeit not as amazing as the year prior, but I feel that the “sequels are never better than the original” mindset may have crept in and expectations became a bit high — as did the prices & hoarding tendencies which has had a lot of influence my opinion of things including this topic. Anyways, 2019 has continued the trend of pushing out great production, but again the factors mentioned above make it harder and harder to appreciate as I normally would (and should)
  8. I think it already happened for me (<52rg) when they took the BCG away. It’s funny (not AT ALL really....) because it was smoking at it’s best in over 2, maybe even 3-decades, easy. Especially when considering that little-to-no additiinal downtime/rest was necessary to blow you away.
  9. Definitely my favorite cigar of 2015 that stinks out in my mind. Not only in terms of enjoyment, but also value. While everyone was searching for the Excellencias, after I got a couple of the Cuba RE, I went SUPER deep with the grossly underrated (at the time), kick yourself in the behind for not picking up more that a box while you could (if any at all). “El Embajador” Paises Bajo RE 😉
  10. Congrats on your first born!! Must have been such a cool moment. But I would’ve done the same and think of what cigar I could smoke w/ “one more day” 👌🏼👌🏼 😂
  11. At the moment, in no particular order.... (past 4-6 months) 1. Bolivar Corona Gigantes 😍😍😍 2. Cohiba Robusto 3. Cohiba Siglo IV 😍😍 4. Partagas Short 5. Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion No. 4 6. H. Upmann Petit Corona 7. Cuaba Distinguidos 8. Tatuaje TAA, ‘11/‘12/‘15/‘17 😍 Many others probably just as much since I enjoy a variety, but those come to mind first.
  12. Always a go-to for me. Have a couple of cabs of MUR 13 that I smoke through occasionally as well, but find myself reaching for younger sticks probably more often though. Loving corona gordas myself, have you ever tried the RA Superiores - LCDH? Might be right up your alley. Has a bit more of a bite to the nuttiness you mentioned, in my opinion. Great cigar.
  13. The St Dupont Defi Extreme has been by far the best, most consistent, long lasting lighter I've ever had. A few Xikar lighters I have are also great but eat up butane a bit too quickly. The same goes for the Prometheus Ultimo and Retro, but are both great. If I'm traveling or want the longest use out of any lighter, it'd be the FOH Cigar Traveler jet lighters. Those things are amazing and last FOREVER.

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