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  1. As posted by MIN, there are hundreds if not thousands of non-CC out there you might of run into some bad ones. I can also tell you that I have run into several junk Cuban Cigars with the same lame excuse that "oh they must have been fake" NO, they were just bad!!! Not every Cuban Cigar is amazing. some are also lousy and overrated. You must think of the false ideal that has been subliminally ingrained in us about Cuban cigars over the years, that there is no better cigar no matter what...That is simply not true. Just like there have been some overrated steaks and/or meals at highly reno
  2. Grand Havana, If you email ahead and tell them you are from out of town, they have weekend passes only they'll sell for $150. I just got back from NYC like 2 weeks ago.
  3. Club Macanudo is a must! and if you email ahead and are willing to pay $150 for a weekend pass, The grand Havana Room is also a must. Cheers!
  4. My Brothers in Leaf, Has anyone had a Padron Family Reserve 50 Years old. Had one yesterday. It just might be the best cigar I've ever had hands down. Anyone agree? Cheers, Gerard
  5. Welcome from another fellow Colo-radian
  6. "Holla at a playa when you see'em in the street"
  7. Brothers, I see a lot of picture online where sticks are placed in ziplocks to store in "Coolidor" or in "tupperdor". Is there some gain in doing this? Is this necessary for any reason. I have been thinking about a Coolidor since I am running out of room and have boxes coming in. Thoughts please...
  8. You are so correct! Look at what they did to the Dominican Republic!

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