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  1. One of my biggest mistakes in watch collecting was trading my batman GMT like yours a few years back. If i see one at anything near a decent price I will buy another one. On the list at my AD for a new one. I think changing the bracelet was a mistake but I like both styles
  2. Had a black one just like it. Daily wear back in eraly 2000s nice example
  3. My current collection. Supposed to have a WG Daytona Oysterflex in the works. Waiting to hear status. On waiting list for a steel or wg Patek. Lol. My guy is supposed to be getting me a James Cameron Deepsea Just sold my 2 tone black Daytona , Black Rolex Deepsea , and my 40 mm Air King. Also hoping to score a new 41 mm no date sub and a GMT Master II on a Jubilee bracelet. Im in love with the 42 mm WG Yachtmaster but thats another waitlist item in my area
  4. Picked this up at retail a couple weeks ago Rolex Hulk 40mm green dial/bezel. The. a week later it was discontinued. Prices have shot into the stratosphere. Mspr is 9400. Ive seen it in Chrono 24 for as much as 34k. Fighting an urge ti cash out but I really like the watch with casual dress. Leaning toward not selling
  5. Now were talking. Steel RO chrono is def in my top 5 watches ever. Great example
  6. Yes Rolex is paying homage to long term collectors with this color. The average buyer will never know it
  7. Wow I have had/worn them all except the Patek. The steel Aquanaut is my bucket list watch especially the time traveler but the wait is obscene. I remember the days when u could buy a nautilus out of the caseat msrp. Im on the waitlist for any steel or wg aquanaut or naulitis. Fingers crossed
  8. Crazy things happening with Rolex Gmt master 2 oyster bracelet-GONE GMR master2 black bezel -GONE Gmt master 2 Tone Ss/18k GONE gMT master2 solid 18k To be dermined Sea dweller 3 sizes eill be available 40mm 42mm Super sea dweller 50mm Blue face James Cameron presently available for now Plans for a 2 tone SS/18ksea dweller in the pipe line All ss daytinas will have the ceramic bezel All 2yone ss/18k daytinas will have yhe traditional 18k gold bezel which i oersonaly prefer Taste is subjective but oersonally I ferl that yhey ruined the ss daytona eith the somewhat odd ceramic bezel No disrespect to anyone who likes it In put in a standing order for yhe following Gmt naster 2 ss peosi bezel Jubilee bracelet Gmt master 2 ss Black Nlue bezel new and old style jubilee or oyster bezel or both Exployer II white dial 42mm :SeaDweller 42mm/blue dial James Cameron Yacht master 40 mm blue dial Really miss yhem since I sold mine to buy ky APs Love the AP no plans to sell We will see how the search goes Major rolex retail manager says he can hook me up He also informed me if all these changes We will see how this shakes out
  9. i have ownrd every Rolex in the product line at one time with the exception of the Yacjhmaster and the Milglass I keep going back to the GMT master. Wears on my wrist a little better than the sub and has truly usefil fratures particulary if u travel. Great watch
  10. great watch wish i still had my stsinless example Speaking of stainless Zi picked up this beauty on a trade yezterday 2016 year model green gmt hand and some green GMT marking Like new and price was right considering. I had sworn off Rolex in favor of an all AP collection but i had to have this one. My lpermanent vacation from Tolex lasted exactly 4 months
  11. i personally despise Apple watches but ti each his own. i sold all my Rolex watches made money and bought my bucket list watches 2 APs. Without the crazy Tolex market never coulda had them. So its all good as far as I am concerned Rolex watches particulary stainless sport watches are sb excellent investment. Going nowhere but up
  12. late 60sVietnam rea seikos are some of the most underated and underpriced watches in existance
  13. Chrono 24 is a good starting point. Several purchases. All good so far Hope you find what you are looking for
  14. I pay more attention to the color grading sticker than the codes. I mark all boxes with date received so it makes no difference on products purchased here. If I were to buy a questionable box from another source it would certainly make a difference. But I only buy here so it’s a moot point.

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