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  1. Come to Montana my friends. I always need someone to harass fish and smoke cigars with.
  2. Wyoming until I was about 30 but now, just north of Dallas Texas.
  3. Welcome from unusually chilly Texas.
  4. I am up stinking early to go sort donated toys. There is a local non profit that my wife volunteers us for. <grumble> Doing good thing though.
  5. I know that I've learned that I liked cigars again. I had a pretty nasty back injury and just didn't do a lot of anything for about 18 months. I got it fixed and I've started to enjoy life again -- be more social. I lost 25 lbs and started swimming again and cigars came back in to focus. Now this next year's new years resolution is to drink more wine!
  6. Welcome! I work in Richardson!
  7. Got a box of ryj Churchills on the way. I have got to smoke faster I am out of room in my humidor and the wife wouldn't take to kindly to me buying another one.
  8. Welcome to the club. (Did anyone else wonder why he was talking about Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) at first?)
  9. I know it's become my home on the web pretty quickly. Congrats!
  10. This is really cool. Any chance you can look at somethings like the box seals?
  11. This thread gives me hope. I'll be marrying my best friend on July 11, 2015.
  12. Good news! Sounds like a heck of an adventure.

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