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  1. It was! Just a straight cut. I’d like to just twist the pigtail but it never works out too well for me. One of my top cigars of 2020 for sure
  2. Incredible construction from this Vigia. Hell of a mid-day smoke. From a tubo 3-pack on a 24:24 a few months back
  3. Something about these petit royales... I love them
  4. I encourage all Cuban diehards to try Curivari, especially the Buenaventura line. They are amazing
  5. Finally! All I’ve seen are the two 3-minute clips. Btw anyone notice the ash fall on his shirt? Gave me a good chuckle. Will have to light up a Lusi and watch it
  6. I’m with you. Assuming normal band placement, I usually smoke up to the band and call it a day. Very very very seldom is it still good to the point where I want to keep going. A warm/hot smoke is just not enjoyable to me
  7. My baby. Will have this one forever. Like it more than my 126600 SD43

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