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  1. Box purchase is necessary after trying one 😊
  2. TEU Aug 10 BHK 56 courtesy of a generous buddy. Fabulous smoke 😍
  3. PSP Punch x 2 on a rainy night. REG Feb 18. Perfect burn throughout.
  4. Seen the highlights. The referee had a good look at the incident and if it’s life threatening, he would have blown the whistle to halt play. He didn’t and the Villa players stopped playing and demand ball be kicked out. That’s unprofessional. Com’on play to the whistle. Nice gesture from Leeds though.
  5. ETP ABR 17. Fabulous smoke. Have a nice weekend everyone.
  6. I’ve a cab from same box code. Couldn’t stop drawing from it!
  7. PLPC TOS MAR 2017. Too strong for my liking. Had to stop at the band.
  8. Thanks for the welcome buddy! Thanks. Make sure to cater more time when you visit our country again!!
  9. Delightful aroma and creamy aftertaste. Definitely worth a try.

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