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  1. hellorockview12

    Factory Codes Running List

    I believe someone posted one of these a year or two ago as it related to 24/24 and seemed to figure out which codes yielded the most PSP/HQ stock. Perhaps they could be combined.
  2. hellorockview12

    Montecristo Petite Edmundo - New Packaging?

    I'd imagine the next will be to roll out the E2 packaging to the P2, D4 and D5... For better or for worse I won't fuss about it too much, just glad to see that it's a legit box!
  3. hellorockview12

    Montecristo Petite Edmundo - New Packaging?

    Boom! Immediate answers. I love this community. THANKS!
  4. I recently had a box of Montecristo Petite Edmundo brought back for me from the island that was purchased at the LCDH in Varadero at the plaza. The box looks like any other box of Petite Edmundos I've ever owned except that it has a yellow Montecristo Petite Edmundo sticker on the outside rightmost side of the box and a yellow Montecristo insert; both similar to that of the Double Edmundo presentation. The box that I have from April 2017 does not have this extra "flair". The barcode checks out on the Habanos website and they look/smell remarkable, so I don't doubt their authenticity just yet but I thought given the volume of Petite Edmundos bought/sold/consumed within this community someone could shine some light on this subject. I will update with photos when I get home. Thanks! Edit: Added location of purchase.
  5. Thanks, Prez.... I feared this was the case.....
  6. I've been praying that they surface on 24:24 one last time.... The Don Alejandros don't seem to quit (which is excellent) but the BCG, which was cut by Habanos in the same year, has not been on 24:24 for quite some time. Is there any hope?!
  7. hellorockview12

    Back from Havana

    Sweet stuff Bund!!!
  8. Just a quick question because I opened a half empty box for inspection the other day and one of the cigars had a very soft squishy foot, but the rest seemed ok. Is this just from underfilling or does it get worse over time?
  9. I frequently taste almonds in MC as well! Here I thought I was the only one.
  10. hellorockview12

    There should be two 24:24 each day :)

    Big time! Listened more when I was young but they will ALWAYS hold a place in my heart. You're the second person outside my friend circle to know where the username came from! I've used this one for a good 15+ years now. You?
  11. hellorockview12

    There should be two 24:24 each day :)

    Twice the work for the FOH staff, too! While a nice thought, it'd be an administrative burden for the people who already help US out by way of 24:24.
  12. hellorockview12

    If you could only buy 1 box

    RASS 50 cab.... I love me some RASS and the 50 cab lets me take advantage of quantity for the year... I'd pick a 50 cab of Lusis but I don't often have the time required to enjoy a double corona. Now...if I can use the mastercase catch...that may change my opinion!
  13. hellorockview12

    Storage techniques for in humidor

    I can just echo what others have said above. At first there was a DNS (do not smoke) shelf for aging full boxes and a shelf for stuff in my current rotation. But....I'm approaching tetris territory where I'll just have to put stuff where it fits regardless of status. I will, however, try to keep the stuff I'm currently smoking from as accessible as possible. I don't want to take out 15 boxes just to get at my cab of Partagas Shorts once a week. Point is, you can develop a system that will work for a while, but if you follow in the footsteps of so many members around here you'll end up with a totally different system or no system at all!
  14. hellorockview12

    Let's see your singles drawers...

    My humble singles drawer. Not sure why tapatalk insists on rotating the image. Sorry fellas! Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  15. hellorockview12

    Montecristo No. 4

    Was Habanos using the gold bands on MC4 by ABR 15?

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