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  1. In general you don't change your "pull" with each draw. This is why the smaller the ring gauge the stronger a cigar can feel. The same amount of air traveling through a petit corona vs robusto will "heat up" the petit corona more since a higher velocity of air is required to move through a smaller opening. There's more technically sound ways to describe this if you google the Venturi Effect. So yes, the last third of smaller cigars will naturally be hotter.
  2. Can I post missing codes for you to add? I have some screenshots of 24:24 that arent on your doc.
  3. My first Reyes won't be my last There's still love to be found in minutos despite the current trends.
  4. If you ever get a plugged one - cut it in half, then whichever half smokes there you go!
  5. As Cuba heads full force into the growing season let's hope the current prediction stays neutral. Mr. Niño, please stay calm and keep our precious tobacco fields sunny and dry lol.
  6. Vigia RAG 19 fantastic cigar. On the lookout for UAO 19 codes in the wild now lol.
  7. My favorite regular production cigar. 18-19 examples have took me back to the LUB 14s. Great minds my friend.
  8. 95% of customers who come into the shop I manage with CCs are fake. Anytime someone mentions they want to bring them in for me to look at I warn them of what they are asking and their hopes and dreams will likely come crashing down. Recently I've come across more people who have actually been to the island and returned with fakes than actually acquired in the states.
  9. Connie B is interesting to me. The only Upmann I get some honey texture. The ONLY cigar I get hazelnut (second half mostly). Yet I think I still prefer the A as an overall package. More dense mouthfeel with the A for me. Regardless, I haven't had a B I would rate lower than 90.
  10. You know it's interesting because recent Siglo 2s from UAO I've had haven't been up to par either.
  11. Curious if late 18-19 increase in quality you have mentioned is mostly theresult of the lower production you mentioned in the Monte 1 review? Do you feel cuba has the ability to ramp up the supply of premium product if they wanted and maintain said quality but the revenue model is just too good for them consider at this point in time? I hope we can have it both ways one day.
  12. Padron and several Connecticut Broadleaf wrapped cigars. In general you will find more earth in maduro rather than lighter NC wrappers. Not any dominican cigars that have earth on the level you are looking for that I would recommend.
  13. Found tea/tannic characters in several Hoyo. Floral in some RyJ/LGC/ and @nKostyan is right about Juan Lopez no 1. As far as both combined in one cigar my palate hasn't discovered a consistent one I can recommend.
  14. Red sticker = red wrappers on these recent 24:24 Mille Fluers (BOE MAY 18)

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