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  1. My second PSP purchase! From recent 24:24. UBM MAR 18 Upmann Connie A
  2. As for non cuban cigars to bring in. I would highly suggest either or both of 2 manufacturers. My Father Cigars (or a brand they also produce - Tatuaje) Casa Fernandez (or the brands they also produce - Warped, Illusione) Both manufacturers bunch their cigars in the traditional Cuban method of entubado and grow the majority of their tobacco from traditional cuban seeds. The Casa Fernandez "flavor" is more easier to decipher among the MANY brands they make. Whereas My Father/Tatuaje have more variation to their MANY brands. Therefore I would suggest any Casa Fernandez made cigar with a natural wrapper (not Maduro or Connecticut Shade) be paired with an H. Upmann cuban cigar. (Shortbread, doughy, toasty I have found in Casa Fernandez.) Naming all the specific cigars would take up too much space so if you're interested let me know and I can provide specific recommendations.
  3. These L-500 have some of the most oily wrappers I've seen in the humidor at work.
  4. The larger ring Trinidads have always brought that extra buttery note to them for me. Big fan of Vigia. I'm excited for the new sizes being released this year (or probably next year considering it's Habanos lol).
  5. Habanos, just continue not making Behikes to keep the CoRo where they are right now lol.
  6. My first PSP purchase! Many thanks to our host and crew. Upmann No.2 BRE DIC 18 from recent 24:24
  7. Haven't smoked RJ Bellis in some time. That pic is telling me it's time to give them another go.
  8. After first third a lovely honey note appears.

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